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What turnover was generated by my Facebook Post three months ago? How many of my Facebook fans have been visiting my website? And how many website visitors actually downloaded my app? With the help of Facebook Analytics we are able to determine how people use desktop and mobile websites, iOS and Android apps, Facebook pages and Messenger bots. Facebook has developed a holistic omnichannel solution based on tools, techniques and infrastructure that will help you create successful communication measures based on data and facts.


No matter what we are dealing with – customer loyalty, interactions or conversions – Facebook Analytics provides the tools needed to understand your community and successfully execute Facebook promotions, including funnels, cohorts, segmentation, breakdown tables, automated push campaigns and more. In alignment with the customer journey of your customers. Across all channels and devices.We have some more buzzwords for you: demographic information, target group statistics, event tracking, and precise segmentation to analyze user behavior.

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Hutter Consult AG is Facebook Marketing Partner (Premium).

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Facebook Marketing Partner

Hutter Consult AG is
Facebook Marketing Partner (Premium).

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Facebook Blueprint certified.

Cross-channel analysis

Facebook Analytics aggregates data from multiple channels, including Facebook pages and Messenger bots, in order for you to paint the bigger picture.

Growth optimization

With the help of precise segmentation tools reports on funnels, sales and customer loyalty can be easily created, performance analyzed and specific target groups examined, in order to reach them with targeted advertising measures.

Demographic insights

You will gain a deeper understanding of your existing and potential customers based on detailed demographic information and target group insights.

Quick statistics

Due to artificial intelligence combined with good old knowledge Facebook Analytics will automatically deliver valuable insights and trends (Beta).

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«We appreciate the competent and professional cooperation with Hutter Consult. Thanks to the first-class consulting and campaign optimization, we were able to achieve our conversion goals. We are glad to have such a reliable partner at our side.»