Facebook Applications, API & Open Graph

Your Facebook page is up and running and you would like to take interaction rates, website traffic and more to the next level? With the help of applications, API programming and Open Graph, you can extend the functionality of your Facebook Page and your website or mobile application to your target group and with this, provide additional brand awareness and interaction.

Anyone who believes Facebook is nothing else but timeline posts and annoying advertisements has clearly missed a very special aspect in the social cosmos. When it comes to social design applications, Facebook developers have not been lazing around and hence created additional page functionalities for interaction, customer loyalty and increased conversion with the use of applications, Open Graph and API programming.

Facebook offers various API connectivity options for different goals and applications and allows the creation of experiences related to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). In addition, you can use social integrations to extend the functionality of your website and extend it to Facebook, too.

If this sounds like something you definitely need, we are happy to support you in the development of your strategy, planning and implementation of future-oriented and successful Facebook applications.


Engage your target group in a lasting connection and a stimulating dialogue with the help of exciting raffles or competitions, launch promotions that offer your customers special offers and discounts, entertain your community with gamification content that contributes to your branding in a playful and positive way.
APIs can be used for a variety of applications and goals. Facebook offers programming interfaces for canvas, pages, marketing, the Facebook Business SDK and the Places Graph.

Open Graph

Open Graph is a great help in order to generate more traffic and better conversion for your website or shop via Facebook.
How does it work? Open Graph enables the integration of social media components into traditional websites and their interaction with Facebook with the help of apps. On websites, social plugins can be used to integrate like buttons or Facebook comment fields. Website visitors can then easily share products and services to spread your offer via their Facebook profile. Offers can be commented on, content can be easily shared and advertised with just a few simple clicks.


Consulting & strategy

We will support you to develop a strategy for the use of Facebook applications and open graph tailored to your business and marketing goals.


We support you with the conception creation around your Facebook application and/or Open Graph, according to the principle "Social by Design".


Anyone who writes concepts, also has at least the knowledge to implement them. We think. And if we don't, we can fall back on a great network of partners who can do this for you on time, in the most reliable way, and it will look great, too.


What is possible?

- Competitions & Sweepstakes

- Couponing / Vouchers

- Photo or video voting

- Quiz

- Superjackpot / Slotmachine

... and so much more!


Technology doesn't always work the way you want it to. In that case: we are most happy to help.


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«What I appreciate most about the cooperation with Hutter Consult is the high degree of flexibility and the comprehensive expert knowledge. Whether it's solving an acute, complex problem or designing a large campaign - the Hutter Consult staff do a great job and know the depth of social media in all its facets. The customizable workshops are also absolutely recommendable.»