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As a brand or organization it requires understanding, credibility and a certain amount of empathy in order to become a respected part of a community. Build customer relationships through specificly targeted dialogue and conversations that reach the people in your community. Listen. Find individual answers. The Facebook Messenger and Messenger Bots will help you with this. And we do, too - at least on what to say to your customers.

No matter what your goal is - customer service, customer retention, dialogue, interaction or conversion – the Facebook Messenger platform offers the exact tools you need to improve your customer relationships. 

The Messenger platform will help you acquire customers, support customer service, facilitate transactions, increase awareness and help you engage in an active dialogue with your target audience. So do we, by the way.

Hutter Consult AG Facebook Marketing Partner (Premium).

Facebook Marketing Partner

Hutter Consult AG is
Facebook Marketing Partner (Premium).

Our crew is
Facebook Blueprint certified.

We're getting into these topics:

Consulting & Strategy

We will support you to develop a strategy for the use of Facebook messenger and bots tailored to your business and marketing goals. Let's start the conversation with your community.


We support you with the concept creation around your Facebook Messenger Bot and work out an elaborate communication plan for the maximum benefit and exchange with your community.


Anyone who writes concepts, also has at least the knowledge to implement them. We think. And if we don't, we can fall back on a great network of partners who can do this for you on time, in the most reliable way, and it will look great, too.

Possible uses

Facebook Messenger Bots can be used for

- after-sales service

- Marketing & Transaction

- Messaging

- Quiz and FAQ

... and much more!


Technology doesn't always work the way you want it to. In that case: we are most happy to help.

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