Workplace by Facebook - Mobile Intranet & Collaboration

The black board is a relic of the 90s, the intranet is so 2008 - but as an organization you would still want to communicate with colleagues and your superiors socially, easily and flexibly? Then it is clearly time for your own company social network: Workplace by Facebook.

Facebook now officially offers Workplace by Facebook, a powerful and cross-device intranet alternative suitable and adaptable for all sizes and kinds of companies and organizations. Workplace enables seamless top-down communication and knowledge sharing while combining next-generation technology with easy-to-use features.

The good thing: Workplace is packed with familiar features, people love to use. So no need to learn anything new, because interface and use are just as intuitive and familiar as Facebook itself, is guaranteed to be "foolproof", safe and mobile-first optimized. We would be happy to introduce you to the Workplace secrets over a coffee or a phone call, by the way.



We remember it from those old school days: group work increases productivity. And is a lot more fun, too.


Watch out while picking your nose! There might be someone watching you!

News Feed

Always ready and always up-to-date. But what would Facebook be without a feed anyway?


Communication at its best. Go ahead and spill it all with text, audio and video.


Tasks are basically all being solved on their own.
Almost on their own.


You may connect with existing tools.


He who seeks finds. Commonly contents, persons and documents.

Collaborate across companies

You can collaborate with other companies that also use Workplace and create connections. It's basically like companies being friends on Facebook.


Hamburg, London, Tokyo. No matter where you are, we stay connected to everyone through the Workplace App.

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Head of Marketing Communication
Migros Genossenschaft Zürich

«I've been working with Hutter Consult almost since the company started - Thomas still had a few hairs there... And I'm still very happy to do that today. Hutter Consult advises us with a positive composure and shows us the changes in the social media market. Without their help we would probably miss a lot of the opportunities. I'm glad there are the specialists who know what they're doing. A know-how item that is worth purchasing!»