Instagram Advertising

Here, too, we follow the same credo: no content strategy without the intelligent use of advertising. Position unique content in the news and story feed of your inspiration-hungry audience, lean back and observe as it will rain hearts, clicks and comments.

Use Instagram Ads to increase awareness of your brand or company, show the coolkids what it means to create awesome content, increase profile visits, sales and conversions on your website. Make your Instagram Page known – to your target audience, but also to the ones that could potentially be interested. Play with your videos and with your stories.

We believe in the connection between people, really good content and the right placement. With this, content can reach those for whom it is truly relevant. We believe in ingenious advertising campaigns through which we place brands in an environment of high relevance.

Instagram and Facebook are like really awesome friends

Facebook ads can be highly demanding, while Instagram ads are like their balanced best friend. However, they require creative design, constant monitoring and optimization to keep the interest of users high and to stay target-oriented at the same time.

We support you in the intelligent use of Instagram Ads to achieve your marketing goals. We are happy to do this - as full-service support or just as partial support.

Facebook Marketing Partner

Hutter Consult AG is
Facebook Marketing Partner (Premium).

Our crew is
Facebook Blueprint certified.

Targeted customer approach

With the help of Custom Audiences, we draw on an extensive potential of target groups for a perfectly developed approach of potential customers through Facebook and Instagram.

We will help you build relevant reach for efficient and effective direct marketing on the platform.

Reactivation of website visitors

Website Custom Audiences allow intelligent and cross-device remarketing to Instagram. Reactivate your website visitors and entice shopping cart abandoners back to your website with a sophisticated retargeting strategy. With WCAs you can build up targeted and cost-efficient fans within your desired target group.

Increase of mobile app users

Use the enormous potential of mobile users to attract users to your mobile app and lead them directly to the iTunes or Google Play Store.

Find potential customers

In this case LA doesn't mean Los Angeles. Find statistical twins as potential new customers for your product or company with the help of so-called Lookalike Audiences, based on the data of your existing customers. This efficient way of new customer acquisition won't leave you short in your target group selection either.

Conversion tracking

Measure the ROI of your advertising activities. With the help of Conversion Tracking, a significantly better performance can be achieved in transaction-oriented advertising campaigns compared to conventional marketing activities. Conversion Tracking allows you to make data-based decisions - for once we would advise: don't rely on your gut feeling.

Our services
This is where we go all-in

Consulting & strategy

A tailor-made Instagram Ads strategy is always the first step: a strategy sets the framework and foundation for a successful ads campaign by taking your requirements, goals and budgets into consideration and align all factors for a maximized outcome of your business goals - everything is possible from a simple ad to a fully automated and dynamic ads campaign.


Concept & media planning

This is where the magic happens:

  • Definition of target group(s)
  • Approach
  • Selection of creatives & media
  • Retargeting & Remarketing
  • Automation
  • Budgets
  • Timings

Implementation & optimization

We configure and create Instagram Ad campaigns for you and continuously monitor and optimize them for the best possible achievement of your advertising goals:

  • Configuration
  • Creative design
  • Optimisation


Controlling & reporting

Of course, we record the success of the campaign and our learnings. At the end of the campaign, we provide you with a detailed and accessible report on all executed campaigns.

Anja Brühlmann, Social Media Manager
Alnatura Bio Super Märkte

«Since the start of Alnatura Switzerland's social media channels, the team from Hutter Consult has been supporting us. I appreciate the uncomplicated, eye-level approach, the know-how and the tailor-made recommendations for our formats. In addition, we benefit from the professional exchange, work together on optimizations and have already implemented numerous successful campaigns as a result. With Hutter Consult we have specialists at our side who are motivated to take on the challenges of the future and actively shape solutions.»