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Pinterest - the platform for you to find and collect inspiration for everything in life – was founded in the USA in 2010. Today, in 2024, Pinterest has grown to 498 million users worldwide. In Germany alone, up to 18 million people use Pinterest. In Switzerland and Austria almost 4 million – therefore in the German-speaking area approximately 22 million people. These statistics show a huge growth potential that should not be overlooked in terms of digital marketing.

Alongside Instagram, Pinterest is one of the most successful platforms for visual communication. The combination of interest and keyword targeting plays an especially important role her- Pinterest users (also known as Pinners) are able to discover products, brands and companies within their home feed or when searching for specific keywords. This is an interesting factor that sets Pinterest apart- it not only arouses new needs, but also appeases existing ones.

Unfortunately, many companies are unaware that their potential target group exists on Pinterest. In fact, this «image search engine»- as Pinterest has been known to be called- is no longer used mainly by women, but also by men. This means that many companies may miss out on many potential buyers in their marketing strategy by not utilizing this platform. What is also very interesting is that most Pinners do not even notice when they are displayed an advertisement versus an organic Pin. This opens the door to many exciting possibilities, and that’s why we think it’s time you jumped on this bandwagon! Today, already more than 80 % of all pins are created by companies and brands for the Pinterest community. Will you also be one of them?

Setting up a quick-and-dirty advertising campaign on Pinterest sounds tempting, but it is definitely not the right way to strategically pursue your goals. How is a campaign even set up? What targeting options are there? Is Pinterest marketing suitable for multiple funnels? And what about tracking? There are so many questions when it comes to Pinterest advertising, but no worries- we have the answers.

Seminare & Workshops

Have you already discovered Pinterest yourself, or would you like to dip your toe in the water? In our workshop, we will show you the best strategies and teach you about all the ad basics in order to properly advertise on Pinterest.

Learn from our experts how to implement an optimal Pinterest strategy in your corporate communication and how you can influence Pinners early on in their buying process. Benefit from practical experience reports and get information on the basics, best practices as well as the tips and tricks of Pinterest advertising.

The motto is this: Stop advertising. Start inspiring

In-House Seminar
Individual Workshops


Pinterest Marketing

Consulting & Strategy

Does Pinterest marketing belong in your social media strategy - yes or no? Pins have established themselves as effective drivers of traffic, and they offer new opportunities to expand the shopping experience for Pinners. Therefore, our answer will always be a resounding yes! From working directly on many Pinterest campaigns as well as an in-depth knowledge of the Platform, our Pinterest know-how runs deep, and we would be happy to help you develop your marketing strategy

Pinterest Advertising

Rich Pins, Promoted Pins, Collection Pins, Shopping Ads- Pinterest now offers extensive possibilities for advertising. Especially for companies in the e-commerce sector, for which Pinterest offers many opportunities for product advertising such as product groups and a data feed. Users can also be retargeted on this platform through the use of dynamic retargeting. We can offer you help with exploring and utilizing Pinterest Ads to achieve your marketing goals.

Pinterest Media Audit / Second Opinion

We are happy to share our experiences with you. If you have already taken a few steps in Pinterest marketing, but the successes leave a lot to be desired, then you are in the right place. We will be happy to check your strategy, how you have set up the campaigns in the campaign manager and whether everything has been set up correctly.

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Pinterest Marketing
Anna Kruczek
Anna Kruczek

Where others go on vacation, I want to live. No sooner said than done, the native East German moved to the Lake Constance area to study sociology. After her graduation, she tried her hand at SEA and realized that she wanted to continue working in this field and deepen her knowledge.
Anna is an avid True Crime fan. When she's not head over heels in solving murder cases (including podcast, books, documentaries and all), she finds her balance on horseback. Sometimes she needs more adrenaline, so you can meet her regularly in the Europapark or then again quite leisurely doing puzzles or solving riddles.

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Dominic Walser, Social Media Manager, Communication Defence Swiss Armed Forces
VBS, Swiss Armed Forces

«Communication on social media platforms is becoming increasingly important for companies. New platforms are constantly appearing, others are disappearing. We also have to evolve every day. Hutter Consult AG supports the VBS (Swiss Army) in the management of over 200 social media accounts. We greatly appreciate the professional, uncomplicated and competent support provided by Hutter Consult AG. Many thanks to the entire Team of Hutter Consult AG!»