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Pinterest, the discovery platform for all your personal needs and ideas, was founded in 2010 in the USA. Today, 2019, Pinterest made it to 322 million users worldwide. In Germany, up to 7 million people use Pinterest and have pinned over 4 million ideas, content, solutions every month. A potential that is not to be scoffed at in the area of ​​own digital marketing.

Along with Instagram, Pinterest is one of the most successful platforms for visual communication. Whether it is a virtual pin board, bookmarking tool, discovery catalog for ideas and inspiration, Pinterest works in a future-oriented way and with its content represents a future need or the fulfillment of it. Pinterest users need brands that offer them solutions on how ideas can be turned into reality.

Pins are important traffic drivers and shine with a high half-life. Content on Pinterest is therefore much more durable than on the usual social media channels, good and elaborate content does not simply fizzle out in the face of an algorithm.

Pinterest rolled out the advertisements in March 2019 and has consistently expanded its range of offers since then. As a result, the "Discovery Channel" is developing into a serious marketing tool that can now pay for specific conversion targets due to its new shopping and tracking capabilities. Additional keyword targeting options combine search with social, i.e. Pinterest not only awakens needs, but also covers existing ones.

We think: an exciting platform that has so far been neglected and is definitely getting our full attention.

Our extensive dealings with Pinterest has given us unique insights and are happy to help you develop your Pinterest marketing strategy.



Company profile, featured pins, shop tabs, video integration, evreything about ads and yes, there are also verifications.


We all know: content is the queen. How do I get new visitors to my website with the help of Pinterest? What content and topics are strategically useful for Pinterest? How can I use Pinterest for my e-commerce activities? Are there any exciting Pinterest tools? How does it even work?



No content strategy without the right media strategy! We will axplain everything to you regarding buyable pins, promoted pins, rich pins, shopping, targeting and tracking options.


The content of your website is so awsome that it should be on Pinterest. We make sure that you at least integrated the pin button on your website. Advanced users get the Pinterest tag for refined conversion tracking.


If required, we also offer seminars and workshops about Pinterest marketing. Tailored to your interests and needs. Just let us know!

I'll have it all, please.

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Sonia Custodero-Rodiguez, Team Lead Marketing & Communication
Ifolor AG

«With Hutter Consult we have a highly specialized partner in social media marketing at our side who helps us to achieve our goals on the various SoMe platforms. We were able to optimize our conversion and implement new measures in both the content/commitment and social advertising areas using smart tactics and appropriate retargeting measures. The HuCo team is also competent and extremely reliable - and can be contacted practically at any time if you have any questions.»