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In times of information overload and permanent online availability, our credo is stronger than ever: no communication strategy without a sustainable media strategy. With the support of social media advertising, companies ensure that their content reaches and interacts with a target group that is relevant to them, they strengthen their sales and distribution, they influence the public perception of their company, and in this way they can communicate to customers, potential employees, stakeholders and influencers.

Good to know: when thinking about social media advertising we do not only think of Facebook. In addition to our expertise on Facebook and Instagram Advertising, we also enjoy to think holistically and in synergies. What works on Facebook can also be used on LinkedIn or YouTube. So we like to go all-in and support both as a full service and in tandem with you or one of our partners strategically and operationally advertising opportunities on other social media platforms.

We support the following advertising possibilities:


By using Facebook Ads, we can help you raise your company's profile, boost traffic, sales and conversions on your website, bring exciting people to your events and collect leads like others would cherries. Learn more after the click!


Nowadays everybody knows how to work and publish colourful pictures and videos. But not necessarily all of them will be seen and receive a little red heart. We like to support with this - because Facebook and Instagram are really good friends and we just love effective storytelling through this platform.


Masthead, TrueView In-Stream, Discovery, Bumper Ads, Out-Stream Ads - advertising opportunities on the largest video platform in the world are extensive. What these words mean exactly, what VTR means, what Retention Time is and which goals can be via YouTube – we'll be happy to explain to you over a cup of coffee or tea.


If you want to position your company prominently within a business environment, take a closer look now: sponsored content, sponsored InMails, text ads, dynamic ads - because LinkedIn has also thought about more colors and formats for the advertising world.


With 13 million members in the DACH region and a reach of 9.41 million unique visitors, XING offers an exciting reach with highly relevant business target groups at all career levels.


Contrary to many opinions Twitter has not yet stopped the twittering. Whether awareness, engagements, followers, website clicks or mobile app installs - the short message platform also offers advertisers a handful of different objectives such as the above.


Ever snapped before? The little ghost from the USA offers exciting and creative advertising opportunities. Vertical, full-screen snap ads, your own event or location-based filters or even lenses that activate the communities - let's play around!


The young target group can be found on TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat. Amongst entertaining, funny, creative, bizarre and trendy videos you have the opportunity to advertise with differening objectives. Whether branding or traffic is your goal - TikTok connects brands with the young and wild.

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Katrin Krempin, Marketing Consultant
TP Group Service GmbH

«Hutter Consult has supported TIMEPARTNER for many years in all questions concerning Facebook. With our more than 100 Facebook pages, not everything always runs smoothly, but thanks to Hutter almost every problem becomes a solution. Our contact persons are always competent and reliable in word and deed and we feel very well looked after.»