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For over ten years social media have been an essential part of our daily lives. Networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Co. inform, entertain, educate, shape and communicate users' opinions. It does not matter where users roam around, sit or stand. Social media offers companies new possibilities for presentation and self-promotion.

In many aspects social media are the first significant point of contact between target groups and brands or companies. If you want to be recognized today and build long-term relationships with your customers, now is the time to stop avoiding social media. Because what belongs together will simply come together on these platforms. Your content reaches those who are to be reached. In a daily-based dialogue with companies, users play a decisive role in the reputation and design of the external image of a brand and its products. Communities are involved, wanted, included.

If you would like to communicate successfully on the social web today, you have to master the new communication rules and know what really offers added value to your target group so that web content can again be distributed by users in their own network.
You are certainly already online with your company in social media. However, we will be happy to help you and take a look at how you are doing on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Co. and where you can optimize activities.


Contrary to many other opinions, Twitter is still being used for tweeting around town. Since the end of 2017 tweets are not limited to 140 characters any longer, but to an expansive 280 characters. So there is enough space to send your granny some greetings, too. Or to think up a proper strategy.


Anyone who wants to be internationally recognized and play big in business belongs here. Ideally with a company page and with some smaller and bigger advertising efforts.


13 million members in the DACH region, 9.41 million unique users and numerous opportunities to position yourself as a company in an exciting business environment. Welcome to XING.


Not your typical social network - because here we don't really engage in forever discussions, images will cheekily be pinned from one board to the other. Because Pinterest is like a big photo book that inspires, activates and offers an enormous potential for website traffic. And what else? Anything that has been pinned once won't be forgotten just like that. Pins have a much longer half-life than organic Facebook posts, which once seen, disappear from the screen relatively quickly.


Moving images for the win! The world's largest video platform, with its reach and advertising opportunities, can no longer be left of any social media strategy thanks to its connection to Google. We'll be happy to show you what's important here.


TikTok offers great reach amidst entertaining, bizarre, creative and trendy videos with a mainly very young target group. No matter if branding or performance goals – with TikTok young people can be reached immediately, daily and even several times.

This is how we can help you:

Community building

No community, no cookies. We support you in the qualitative build up of a community. And how to keep the pack happy in the long run, too.

Content strategy

Every platform has its peculiarities. And content must be adapted to this. Together with you we develop the most relevant topics for your target groups and thus ensure a good atmosphere in the community.


Content can be so beautiful - but if nobody gets to see it, it is a waste of time and sweat. We will make sure that your target group gets to see what needs to be seen. And what suits their interest, too.


Stakeholders want to be adequately informed via Social Web and relationships with them cultivated in the most sustainable manner. What is the story behind Social Media Relations and how can your channels be used for this purpose?


Are you looking for the next rockstar for your company? Or would you like to position your company as a highly attractive employer? Employer branding is the buzzword. We'll show you how this works.


Tactics, goals, integrated marketing measures - where do social media fit into the digital marketing mix? Which goals can be pursued in a meaningful and effective way?

Customer service

More and more users nowadays prefer to contact organisations and companies via social media. With the expansion of various messengers and chatbots, this type of communication will continue to grow and spread amongst communities. The right tone is the tip of the iceberg in customer communication. Our internal customer communication experts will show you how to arm yourself with community management tactics and processes. Always happy customers!

Innovation management

Involve your community and collect ideas and feedback for product development, services, promotions and more.


Ten social media channels, a social media manager and daily chats with the community become a balancing act? We know a few helpful social media management tools that you can use to do it all without losing your sweat.

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Raphael Wermuth, Head of Digital Communications
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«Facebook changes all the time. It's no longer enough just to be privately active to explore and implement the business opportunities of the largest social network. In this case I can always count on the professional and competent support of my colleagues at Hutter Consult.»