Social Media Listening & Monitoring

Listen up! Because if you are able to listen, you have already won half of the game. If you want to do successful social media marketing, you should prick up your ears on three things: not only what your own community is talking about, but also what content and industry trends are currently at the forefront and what the competition is all chatty about.

Social listening literally means listening to and evaluating what is said via social media on a topic, a brand, a person or a company. This includes mentions of one's own company on Twitter, observing trend topics and competitors, as well as which content is currently particularly popular on Google, Instagram and Facebook. The information is evaluated and translated into concrete measures or a reasonable strategy. Social Listening identifies behaviour patterns, observes mood and draws conclusions from the context of the corresponding conversations.

Social media monitoring, on the other hand, collects data and mentions about your company, your brand, your industry - primarily from conversations with your own target group.

Or as the colleagues from MarketingProfs say: "Monitoring sees trees, listening the entire forest".

Hear and feel your industry. And we will help you make a strategy for it. 

This is what we can help you with:

Marketing & PR

With the help of social listening and monitoring tools, you can measure the distribution channels and sentiment of your content and messages across all media segments, identify which influencer is currently the "hotest sh*t in town" and find exactly the topics that appeal to your target group and thus build lasting relationships. Boom.

Content Marketing

Which topics currently determine the public opinion? What can you derive for yourself from this? Which contents can be generated from it?

Market Observation & Benchmarking

Which topics is your community interested in? What do they talk about when you're not listening? What are the issues that concern the industry and especially the competition? Compare your own performance with the competition in real time and find best practice cases as inspiration.

Customer Service

What the target group thinks and says about you and your products is essential. Your customer service should be able to listen closely.

Innovation Management

Listen when the public expresses feedback and wishes about, for example, product adaptations or your services. There might be something that will bring your company real luck.

Sales & Lead Generation

Every day, vast amounts of data are published in blogs, documents, social media posts, news or commercial registers. This data can be used to generate qualified leads and strengthen sales and turnover. We will be happy to show you how this works and work with you to develop the right strategy.

Crisis & Reputation Management

You have slipped into a crisis with your company, shitstorms and bad mood dominate the current news - make sure to protect yourself with monitoring and escalation processes, as well as measurements for the right communication to help you through this.

We are all ears.

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