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TikTok is the new shooting star of social networks. For the first time, a non-American social network managed to fascinate over a billion people. TikTok from China is the most downloaded app in 2018 and 2019 and managed to break the billion user threshold faster than any other social network.

Since November 2019, more than 1 billion active users from all over the world have been on TikTok, over 800 million of them are active every day and are following #Inspiration, #Entertainment and #Fun. TikTok is the first native video app that consists 100% videos and only stories. Companies are overwhelmed by the speed and therefore hardly present. The first major brands are slowly approaching the TikTok ecosystem. Anyone who recognizes the dynamic nature of the platform should know that TikTok will become an attractive and huge advertising channel with its very young target group. It also makes sense to achieve tomorrow's purchasing power today in your familiar environment with formats that fascinate and animate you.

15 second videos, live videos, duets, reactions, music and phenomenal AR effects and a video editor that allows simple editing but also special effects are the core elements of the fascination with TikTok. TikTok is special, because it has it's own dynamic and is very different from Facebook, Instagram and other platforms.

We are on TikTok  every day and follow the latest trends exactly where they take place. Let us develop your appearance, your content strategy - maybe even a TikTok dance challenge for your brand. #HuCo #challengeaccepted



Profiles, verified profiles, insights and the right content. We will do it all! #bespecial


We will help you with all types of TikTok advertising, specifically support you in developing and implementing your TikTok strategy, and which content is sensible and feasible at all, so you are able to generate nothing but bright enthusiasm among your target groups. Of course, in line with your marketing goals.


The motto is: no content strategy without a little bit of media here and there. After all, you want to target the exact people with your content, right?


What to design, what to edit, what to analyze - we have a few interesting tools and tips for you.


In our seminars and workshops we provide information about TikTok, TikTok Ads and the latest developments. We are glad to discuss about topics according to your own needs.



We place your products right in the middle: within the large and cost-effective range of TikTok, in the middle of the young target groups of generation Z and generation Y.


The advertising prices are cheap and the click rate is high - TikTok is suitable for selling products. We market your products in the target groups generation Z and generation Y.


Recruitment with TikTok? Yes, it's possible! We help you recruit apprentices, working students, interns and employees through TikTok!


We help you position your company as a potential, interesting and attractive employer in the target groups generation Z and generation Y.

I'll have it all, please.

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Theresa Conrad, Marketing Manager
ZEISS Vision Care

«I got to know Hutter Consult at a workshop: directly 100% convinced with knowledge and relentless honesty. The Hutter team has been our reliable consultant partner for all global social media topics for 2 years. The team does not only advise us on performance, it is also our permanent partner for all global adhoc topics, internal change management and is an important partner in cooperation with creative agencies. The close relationship that Hutter maintains with all platforms also helps us to try out and test new formats time and time again. So we can be sure not to miss any meaningful trend. And the best thing is: the good cooperation continues even after 2 years without a drop in performance. Never before has Hutter Consult left us out in the rain, never before have they been too disgraced for a topic and never before have they honestly told us when it is urgent time to change things internally or externally. We at ZEISS Vision Care are therefore incredibly grateful to have such a strong partner at our side who will continue to strengthen and advance us in the future.»