Hutter Consult Ventures

Many years of expertise, know-how and a strong network!

For many years we have been accompanying companies in digital marketing, eCommerce and digital communication. We provide excellent know-how, a strong network and extensive market knowledge.

We invest in innovative companies who provide high growth potential.
Our investment:

  • our expertise in digital marketing (branding, communication and performance marketing)
  • our existing and ever growing network.

What we are looking for

Hutter Consult Ventures focuses on investments in innovative digital start-ups with clear unique selling points combined with innovative business models.

Scalable products and services
We are looking for high-quality and innovative products and services with a large scaling potential and clear and unique selling propositions.

Established products and services
We work with experienced and reliable partners of innovative product and service concepts that are operating successfully and who are widely accepted on a local and global market. We love to receive a clear idea with first sale turnovers and key figures that speak for theirselves.

What we offer

We offer our collaborative support, which can be converted into shares and revenue share agreements based on defined KPIs.

We develop scalable digital marketing concepts and infrastructures for products and services.

We implement (worldwide) digital marketing and direct-response campaigns and optimize all digital sales processes.

We scale successful campaigns to the maximum.

We integrate our network and establish the necessary contacts.

We offer brain power in strategic or operational business - also as a supervisory or administrative board member if desired.

How we proceed

Phase 1
We analyse all aspects of a potential collaboration. The focus is first on the verification and validity of concept, market research and competition analyses as well as the execution and analysis of initial tests through various sales channels.

Phase 2
As soon as we are convinced of the product or service the conditions of the cooperation will be determined.

Phase 3
We commence with the development of the digital marketing concept, start with the development and implementation of digital branding and direct response campaigns with the goal of concept testing and fast scaling, and establish connections to our network.

Phase 4
If the project successfully passes through several campaign stages and meets the expectations of all parties involved, a joint cooperation based on a revenue share or company participation is established.

Sounds exciting?

Get in touch, it is all up to you! Thomas is looking forward to receiving your message or call!