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We are digital. Competent. And at eye level.

The Internet is our "Happy Place". Just as well as our office in the tranquil village of Aadorf in Switzerland with an outdoor terrace, a BBQ and a lot of sunlight in your face during the summer months.
We believe in the strategic connection between people, the right messages and the right placement. And that is why the Hutter Consult team pull together every single day. To design and ensure the best presence on the social web for and with our clients at all times.

We are the leading consulting and service company in the German speaking region of Europe. We believe in the effective and sustainable use of digital communication in and with social networks. And it's a lot of fun. Because we are constantly sharing a table with all major players of the industry.

The really nice thing is: anyone can grow with us. Not only in width and forwards (because we always have chocolate), but also into dizzying heights in regards to competence and personal development. And we do this with foresight and always at eye level. Because it is particularly important to us.

We look forward to meeting you.

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We are always looking for you. For digital cross and lateral thinkers. For charismatic superheroes. For curious foster children.

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Thomas Hutter
CEO / Managing Director
Thomas Hutter
CEO / Managing Director

Thomas Hutter, 43, is owner, managing director and lead animal of the "HuCo-Crew", based the tranquil village of Aadorf in the canton of Thurgau. Known as the "Facebook Guru" since its inception and as one of the most renowned Facebook marketing experts in the German-speaking region, he advises large and medium-sized companies, organisations and agencies.

The blog "", founded in 2009, is the founding base of today's Hutter Consult AG, and remains one of the most important resources on current developments in Facebook and social media marketing in the German-speaking countries in Europe.

He passes on his knowledge both as a lecturer and as a seminar leader at various seminar providers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He can be met as a speaker and mentor at the most popular and current conferences of the industry.

And if his day is not already filled up with just that, the workaholic loves to spend his offline time with cigars, rum, extensive BBQs, his familia and latina americana - preferably all of the above in combination with his jacuzzi.

Phone +41 52 508 70 10 (head office)
Phone +41 52 508 70 07 (direct)
Mobile +41 79 431 04 81
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