Work with us

We are digital. Competent. And at eye level.

The Internet is our "Happy Place". Just as well as our office in the tranquil village of Aadorf in Switzerland with an outdoor terrace, a BBQ and a lot of sunlight in your face during the summer months.
We believe in the strategic connection between people, the right messages and the right placement. And that is why the Hutter Consult team pull together every single day. To design and ensure the best presence on the social web for and with our clients at all times.

We are the leading consulting and service company in the German speaking region of Europe. We believe in the effective and sustainable use of digital communication in and with social networks. And it's a lot of fun. Because we are constantly sharing a table with all major players of the industry.

The really nice thing is: anyone can grow with us. Not only in width and forwards (because we always have chocolate), but also into dizzying heights in regards to competence and personal development. And we do this with foresight and always at eye level. Because it is particularly important to us.

We look forward to meeting you.

What you can expect from us

In addition to a familiar team - which is extremely important to us - you can expect to work with us:

Infrastruktur / Büro

  • modern workstations/devices & contemporary tools, sitting/standing tables, fast Internet, WiFi
  • structured processes & flat hierarchy
  • free drinks (coffee, RedBull, sweet drinks, water, milk, etc.)
  • Kitchen with cooking facilities (induction stove, microwave, hot dog machine, sandwich toaser, etc.)
  • Terrace with BBQ / Lounge
  • Dogs are welcome in the office
  • free parking spaces

Open Communication

  • Transparent (and honest) internal communication (regular exchange / Workplace by Facebook)
  • Feedback Culture
  • Regular 1:1, qualification and employee interviews

Fun at work

  • a great, open and funny team that doesn't always take itself so seriously - you can find some impressions on Instagram in the Stories or on TikTok
  • great customers
  • regular aperitifs
  • a lot of fun, a lot of laughter and a very uncomplicated handling on all levels


  • free work schedule with hourly balance account (flexible compensation possible)
  • flexible home office arrangements
  • flexible vacation regulation (5 weeks fixed, further vacation is possible unpaid)

Training & Education

  • Financial and time participation in external training relevant to the company
  • Participation in conferences (on-site or online)
  • Participation in webinars from Facebook, Google, Pinterest & Co. & corresponding certifications
  • regular internal training and many internal knowledge resources
  • internal mentoring program


  • good remuneration / 13 monthly wages
  • transparent wage policy
  • Bonus possibility according to SMART objectives
  • Participation in public transport (Half-Fare travelcard / share in GA)
  • Participation in education
  • good own personal branding possibilities
More than 19.5 Mio visitors on our blog since 2009
Accountable ad-spent in 2020: about 45 Mio Euro
Supervised FB pages: > 1'000
Triggered shitstorms since 2009: 2 on purpose, 4 unintentionally
Conducted workshops & seminars: more than 5.600 hours
Size of our own Facebook community: around 33.000 fans
Zoom / Teams-Meeting hours in 2020: more than 2400
Workshop and seminar participants: >3.000
Blog posts since 2009: about 3.000
Number of countries represented in our team: 10
Weekly coffee consumption: 3 kg
Weekly Red Bull consumption: 5 crates à 24 cans
Number of dogs in our office: 2 - 6
Office internet connection: 2 x 1/1 GBIT/S
Number of vegetarians/vegans in our team: 0

How our application process works

We will show you how we proceed in the application process.

Your application to Hutter Consult AG

You send us your application as PDF. In order for us to be able to process your application in a meaningful way, we need you to send us your application:

  • Letter of Motivation
  • Detailed CV with references and certificates
  • Links to your digital presences (website, blog, profile on Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn / YouTube / Vimeo / TikTok / etc.)

You send your application by mail to ich[at]

Review of your application

Aylin Bereket will check your dossier, register it in our system and send you a first feedback with the confirmation of receipt. Afterwards the responsible team leader will review the dossier. If your dossier is of interest to us and we yell "Bingo", Aylin will invite you to a first meeting. If your dossier does not cause us to shout "Bingo", Aylin will also inform you.

Getting to know each other for the first time

To get to know each other for the first time, we conduct a job interview together (at our office in Aadorf or virtually via Teams / Zoom). In this interview we will ask you many questions and would like to get to know you and see what skills you have, how you fit into our team and what kind of person you are. Of course you also have the opportunity to ask us many questions - accordingly we expect you to be prepared.
For this first interview we plan about one hour.

After the interview you will have time to reflect on the interview and to decide if you are interested in another round.
If you and we are interested in proceeding further, we will arrange a joint assessment.
If you are not interested, please let us know and we will also let you know if we are not interested in a second appointment.


During the second interview we conduct an assessment at our premises in Aadorf or virtually via Zoom / Microsoft Teams. 
During the assessment, we will set you one or more tasks from your future field of activity and want to see how you approach challenges and how you solve the tasks set. We want to see how you work and how you present your results.
Depending on the position, the assessment takes between 3 - 6 hours.

After the assessment we will talk about a possible future cooperation, discuss and answer further details. You will then have time to reflect on the assessment and decide whether you are interested in joining our team. We make the same considerations.

Third conversation

All good things come in threes!
If we are mutually interested in you becoming a part of our team, we will have a third meeting in Aadorf or virtually via Zoom / Microsoft Teams and discuss the contract details.
The third meeting is usually not a big deal and usually only takes 30 - 45 minutes.

Contract & familiarization plan

You will receive the contract and the training plan for the first weeks by mail / post. We will inform you about the next steps and show you transparently how we will integrate you into our team.

1st working day

Your first working day is coming up! We welcome you in Aadorf and introduce you to the whole team, show you your workplace and introduce you to all important points

  • We show you the team and your workplace
  • We inform you about all important things, for example where the toilets are, how the coffee machine works, where you can find RedBull etc.
  • We take you by the hand and welcome you in our team!

Job profiles

We are always looking for you. For digital cross and lateral thinkers. For charismatic superheroes. For curious foster children.

We are currently looking for employees for the following job descriptions.
Send something to us - maybe it's a match!


They can give you information...
Lavinia Koch
Head of Staff
Lavinia Koch
Head of Staff

Lavinia hat ursprünglich ein Maschinenbau Studium angefangen, doch ziemlich schnell gemerkt, dass dies eine irre Idee war. So ist sie in der laaangweiligen Betriebswirtschaft gelandet. ;-) Sie hat sich anschliessend einen Job bei NetApp geangelt und hat während fast 18 Jahren im Sales Operations und Marketing gearbeitet, wo sie mit diversen Kulturen auf der ganzen Welt zu tun hatte.

Die gebürtige Deutsche ist wohl ein Magnet für komische Situationen. Bei einem Spaziergang durch die Stadt fällt bestimmt ihr ein Eimer Wasser auf den Kopf. Oder bei einem Fussballspiel kriegt sie nicht nur einmal, nein zweimal den Fussball an den Kopf (!). Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel sind auch nicht so sehr ihr Freund. So gehen bestimmt die Türen nicht auf oder sie landet bestimmt woanders, als sie gewollt hat. Wir sind froh, ist sie nun bei der HuCo-Familie gelandet.

Telefon +41 52 508 70 10 (Zentrale)
Telefon +41 52 511 41 39 (direkt)
Mobil +41 79 795 00 98
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Thomas Hutter
Thomas Hutter

Thomas Hutter ist Inhaber und Geschäftsführer der «Hutter Consult AG». Bekannt als der «Facebook-Guru» der ersten Stunde und als einer der renommiertesten Facebook Marketing Experten im deutschsprachigen Raum berät er grosse und mittelständische Unternehmen, Organisationen und Agenturen.

Den Grundstein für die Hutter Consult AG legte er mit dem 2009 gegründeten Blog, der nach wie vor als eine der wichtigsten Ressourcen zu den aktuellen Entwicklungen im Bereich Facebook und Social Media Marketing im deutschsprachigen Raum gilt.

Sein Wissen gibt er sowohl als Dozent, wie auch als Seminarleiter bei diversen Seminaranbietern in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz weiter. Auf allen gängigen Konferenzen der Branche trifft man ihn als Speaker und Mentor live und in Farbe.

Wenn das alles noch nicht genug ist, vertreibt der Workaholic in der Offline-Welt seine Zeit mit Zigarren, Rum, ausgiebigen Grilladen, seiner Familia und Latina Americana - bevorzugt in Kombination mit seinem Jacuzzi.

Telefon +41 52 508 70 10 (Zentrale)
Telefon +41 52 508 70 07 (direkt)
Mobile +41 79 431 04 81
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Aylin Bereket
Assistentin der GL / Consultant Digital Marketing
Aylin Bereket
Assistentin der GL / Consultant Digital Marketing

Aylin kommt aus dem schönen Konstanz am Bodensee und ziert die Hutter'schen Reihen als Digital Marketing Consultant. Die Absolventin der BWL, Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaft ist ein typisches Verlagskind mit Lehrstationen als Kauffrau für Dialogmarketing im Südkurier Medienhaus in Konstanz und im dualen Studium bei der Ebner Media Group in Ulm.

Privat spielt Schleckermäulchen Aylin mit einem Faible für Süsses zudem mit Vorliebe Tennis, wobei ihre beiden Chihuahuas Schischi und Filu ihr ganz gerne dabei zusehen. 


Telefon +41 52 508 70 10 (Zentrale)
Telefon +41 52 508 70 12 (direkt)
Mobile +49 179 964 30 23
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