Facebook Ad Account Analysis

You've created a strategy for your customer journey on Facebook or Instagram, but you're not sure if you're getting the most out of the campaign setup? Your activities do not achieve the best results, and you think you pay too much per purchase, lead or link click? You are not sure whether the automatism you are considering of are working effectively and whether your potential customer is exactly where he should be in the funnel?


You've come to the right place. We are here to help you. Our experts from the advertising team will look at your Facebook and Instagram campaigns and will analyse your setup, custom audiences and ads. With different optimization and improvement suggestions, you will receive all results with a simple and comprehensible reporting.


We analyze your ad account


You will receive the optimization recommendations that are suitable for your case


We will gladly support you in the implementation

Facebook Ad Account Analysis
This is what you can expect
1. Briefing
2. Review
3. Coaching
Ausgezeichnetes Know-How und Expertise
Our analysis packages


for campaigns with reach, interaction, and traffic goals

1'200 EUR / 1'350 CHF


for campaigns with low e-commerce activities (<10 products) or B2C lead generation

2'400 EUR / 2'650 CHF


for campaigns with e-commerce activities (> 10 products) or B2C lead generation

4'800 EUR / 5'250 CHF

Your advertising specialists

They know!
Florian Muff
Head of Advertising / Management board / Partner MYTY Group
Florian Muff
Head of Advertising / Management board / Partner MYTY Group

Florian, has been with the Hutter Consult AG since its inception, and is now Head of Advertising and a member of the executive board.

He acts as a charming, but also competent interface between conception/strategy and the implementation of digital advertising with platforms such as Facebook/Instagram Ads, Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, ... up to Microsoft Ads. And because that's definitely not enough for him, he also develops concepts regarding search engine marketing, Google Analytics and also supports our customers with UX design questions for websites and advertising media creation. Florian is also a passionate data nerd, for whom Excel is an MMORPG and likes to analyze and optimize till he drops.

Another fun fact: when he smells cheese fondue he gets glassy eyes, with raclette he gets extremely happy and with a BBQ he never gets enough!

Phone +41 52 508 70 10 (head office)
Phone +41 52 508 70 08 (direct)
Mobile +41 78 674 60 66
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Michaela Gahbauer
Senior Consultant
Michaela Gahbauer
Senior Consultant

Michaela is a full-on digital marketer at heart. Since 2017 she has been working quite successfully for Hutter Consult as a consultant and project manager. Michaela lovingly turned her back on her Austrian homeland and moved to tranquil Switzerland for Thomas and the Hutte Consult crew.

What Michaela does: she masters Facebook ads in her sleep and definitely always knows the answer to any questions. Clients love Michaela and Michaela also loves her clients. Michaela speaks an enchanting Austrian dialect that draws participants even more to attend her Facebook and LinkedIn workshops and seminars.

And in private? Michaela loves travelling, good Italian food, nature and lots of cakes and chocolate. Yes, our Michi is definitely one to love.

Daniel Stark
Senior Consultant
Daniel Stark
Senior Consultant

Daniel Stark is Vorarlberger and the second Austrian import hit in the Hutter Consult Advertising Team. The last 3.5 years before joining our team, the online marketing and social media manager has worked as Head of Performance Marketing at the Digital Hunter Group in tranquil and cozy Liechtenstein and is known for mastering the KPIs of his campaigns at all times, even in his sleep. If you want to see this for yourself, you can find his contact details below. ;)

Daniel commutes daily from Vorarlberg to Aadorf and satisfies his constant thirst for knowledge with countless audio books and podcasts. Good to know: he named his two rabbits after superheroes: Bruce (Batman) and Tony (Ironman).

Phone +41 52 508 70 10 (head office)
Phone +41 52 508 70 28 (direct)
Mobil +43 699 1814 90 15
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Enthusiastic Customers

«Ingenious approaches – I didn't know that Facebook could do so much, if you know how to use it correctly. Thanks to the optimizations, we were able to save internal resources and generate more qualitative leads at the same time.»

(Jürgen W., B2B lead generation)

«Thank you very much. Your review enabled us to significantly increase our ROAS. Often it is the little things that don't get noticed that make a big impact, as in our case.»

(Heike M., online shop in the food industry)

«In a nutshell: Great and thank you very much!»

(Susanne F., company with awareness goals)

«Sometimes you may not be able to find the needle in the haystack and some help from another party is worth it.»

(Hans-Jürg A., B2C lead generation in the comparison portal industry)

«After the analysis, you realize that your own know-how is not as high as expected. Thanks for the valuable tips. We were able to implement these directly and increase our purchases in a short time.»

(Maria W., Online-Shop in the home accessories industry)

«Wisely invested money because we previously invested a high budget in the wrong target groups. Now it’s in better use.»

(Lisa K., Online-Shop in the baby article industry)

«Small mistakes often trigger a vicious circle. This could be found in the analysis. A wise investment.»

(Kai M., B2C lead generation in the insurance industry)