Tracking & Measurement Audit

Browsers that gradually block ad cookies automatically, ad blockers, technical issues, privacy regulations, cookie consents, and tracking opt-outs - the accuracy of the data that can be collected, measured, and used to optimize campaigns or build audiences along the customer journey is suffering from ever-increasing negative influences.  

  • Is your tracking setup prepared for these new challenges?  

If not, you will suffer significant impacts from the new regulations:  

  • You will be able to measure less actions and signals on your website.  
  • Your database for analysis and optimization will be reduced and inaccurate.  
  • Target groups will be smaller and of lower quality.  
  • Targeting and retargeting of these target groups will become more difficult.  
  • The performance of your campaigns will decrease.  

Ultimately, this means that your advertising efforts become less efficient and at the same time your costs will increase. And, yes, that sounds very - what's the best way to put it - unattractive at first. But... 


  • Fewer data can be measured and obtained.  
  • Smaller target groups will be created.  
  • Targeting as well as retargeting becomes more difficult.  
  • Fewer data means weaker performance.  
  • Finally, costs increase as a result.  


Try to view the upcoming developments as an opportunity to responsibly collect high-quality data about your customers, to connect this data across platforms, to analyze it and to let the findings support your digital marketing strategies in a target-oriented way.  

We won't leave you on your own. Let us review your tracking and measurement setup - and we'll show you how to set up an optimal tracking environment, which measures bring the greatest success, and how tools like the Meta Conversions API or Google Analytics 4 can help.  

Take advantage of our top-of-the-line know-how! 


We analyze your existing data collection and check if all touchpoints along the customer journey are captured.


You will receive a detailed report on our recommendations for action.


Your web agency can implement the optimizations based on the document.

Tracking & Measurement Audit
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Your tracking specialist

He knows!
Claude Sprenger
Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group
Claude Sprenger
Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group

Once you have worked with Thomas, you always return to Thomas - as Claude Sprenger did in 2018, a good 13 years later after his training with Thomas H. himself. But now he is better, faster and a lot more digital, too. Just exactly how we need him. After GmbH (Hutter), Assai Dialog+Digital (Wirz) and Koch Kommunikation, he enriches the team with his lateral thinking head, from which digitalization strategies and visions spring uncontrollably.

In his function as Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group and Senior Consultant, Claude takes over a comprehensive consulting activity with a focus on tool and app development and is responsible for the strategic development and automation of business processes, tools and services within the Hutter Consult.

In his private life Claude likes vitamin sea and kitesurfing and likes books in the actual shape of a book, a good glass of vino and whiskey "on the rocks".

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