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Have you just begun to implement employer branding, or maybe just a little personnel marketing? Have you been considering developing a marketing strategy to effectively present your company as an attractive employer?

If that’s you, then we would love to work together and determine how we can best portray your company’s image and values online using digital marketing. After all, before you can successfully recruit talent, it’s crucial that you are attracting the right people. The focus is also no longer on simply attracting new employees, but also retaining existing employees- and this only happens when you’ve established a strong corporate culture and brand. If you are doing employer branding right, then you will attract potential jobseekers even before they are actively searching for a new job.

It’s also important that you keep your existing employees in mind, especially those who display great talent and value for your company. These skilled employees can be targeted and developed into company ambassadors via what we like to call «employee advocacy». This is incredibly essential, as word-of-mouth advertising is very authentic and can give a company important leverage in employer branding.

Most companies think that their website is the most significant touchpoint for communication. Although it does play a large role, there are so many more touchpoints that can affect an employer’s impression on potential employees! Traditional touchpoints- such as a career site or job advertisement- is just one place that users visit. Nowadays, they search out supplemental sources of information such as social media, search engines, or employer rating portals (like kununu or glassdoor).

Not only that, but potential target groups also search for as much content and news as possible regarding a company. This helps them build an idea of you as a potential employer, such as what your corporate culture is like, what benefits you offer, as well as what former and existing employees say about you. So having relevant, up-to-date content at the right touchpoints can position you optimally as an employer. Did you know, that 80% of people are influenced by posts?

As a comprehensive digital marketing agency, we can help you optimize your candidate journey across all possible touchpoints. Based on a review of all your current and previous activities, we will develop a relevant strategy for your employer branding, including where potential employees are going on their customer journeys and how you can reach your optimal target group. We can even implement all the proposed measures together with you. So, what are you waiting for? Get ahead of the curve and get started with successful employer branding today.

Employer Branding - HERE'S WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU:


In the first step, we will analyze your current measures and content to discover possibilities for optimizations or future developments.

Then, we will define which of your channels (touchpoints) should be used, and with which tools.

Together we will hone your brand in, all while taking your specific needs and attributes into account.



We will help you implement the measures that were developed in order to position you as an attractive employer. We are more than happy to either offer support with this process, or go ahead and implement it all for you - whatever you would prefer.


Of course, we also provide you with instruments for measuring success, so that you know exactly how you're doing in the job market.


Employer branding and digital marketing are no longer separate fields in today's world, but are actually tightly intertwined. Therefore, we do offer seminars if that's more up your alley. You can check out «LinkedIn for Human Resources» and even reserve a spot today (in German). Would you rather set up an individual workshop that is focused on your specific needs? No problem - we would be more than happy to do that for you.


Are you already active with your Employer Branding and is your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) already defined? Let us analyze your current strategy and implementation and give you some expert tips.


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Employer Branding
Theofilos Sidiropoulos
Theofilos Sidiropoulos

Theofilos is our Greek from Liechtenstein, or the other way around. After completing a banking apprenticeship and studying business with a focus on communication and marketing, he first worked in marketing for an underwear manufacturer. He discovered digital marketing early on and has already worked for agencies and as Social Media & Employer Branding Manager at the industrial group Oerlikon. At Hutter Consult, Theo works as a consultant for HR Marketing and Employer Branding.

In his free time, Theofilos can be found at the gym or calisthenics park. At the same time, he has a penchant for fast food, which can be a complicated mix. He is also a passionate movie lover, tech geek, hiker and grill master. 
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Thomas Besmer
Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group
Thomas Besmer
Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group

Thomas Besmer, also lovingly named"Besmo" amongst his colleagues, is an old player in the digital business – he has been playing in the online industry since 2005. His CV includes positions at AZ Direct, CSS Versicherungen, Farner Consulting and Comparis, before he joined the Hutter Consult AG in December 2017. In his capacity as Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group, 'Besmo' is responsible for comprehensive consulting activities with a focus on analysis, business development and the further expansion of our agency services.

As a father of two, he never gets bored. Whether it's building Duplo trains or spending hours digging. Yes, digging - you read that right ;-). There is and will be a programme after work. And even if the quiet minutes have become significantly less, he enjoys every moment with his family. Some of which he also shares in his podcast «Die Mustergatten».

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