Internal Communication & Collaboration

Anyone who manages a large number of employees, teams and departments- and maybe even various locations- usually faces the challenge of effective team organization and efficiently exchanging information. Thankfully, a social intranet or an internal collaboration tool is a great solution here.

Today, intranets are much more than just storage for internal knowledge. Through new technologies and applications, they offer huge potential for effective communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing. 

A well-functioning intranet brings many advantages, such as:

  • Employees remain constantly up to date with company news.
  • Project planning and the formation of project teams for efficient collaboration among all participants.
  • The intranet acts as a «digital» coworker, which encourages knowledge sharing and interaction via one single platform.
  • The intranet creates a greater sense of connection within a team (for example, you could use the platform to also share personalized, fun content between employees).
  • Employees can share dialogue and connect via intranet, as well as interact with one another’s content.

Before you setup an intranet for your team, make sure to answer a few important questions:

  • What functions should be available on the collaboration tool?
  • Which devices and operating systems should it be compatible with?
  • What should the content structure look like?
  • Which applications should be integrated?
  • What are the possibilities for interaction?
  • Are there tools that allow employees to interact and participate, such as blogs?
  • Are user’s job descriptions and organizational charts visible?

Until now, intranets have also posed the challenge of not being very mobile-friendly, which poses a difficulty for many companies- after all, most internal communication these days takes place on mobile. However, there is one great solution to this problem, better known as «Workplace from Facebook».

Our very own team here at Hutter Consult uses «Workplace from Facebook» as our everyday communication platform. It is the perfect solution for a growing company that is mobile-focused and prefers flexibility. This tool helps simplify everyday communication within the company in countless ways. «Workplace from Facebook» is a powerful, device-independent intranet alternative that fits companies of all sizes. The beauty of this tool? Thanks to its intuitive interface that’s based on the traditional Facebook platform, Workplace is practically self-explanatory. Not only that, it runs completely independent of Facebook and is also DSGVO/GPDR-compliant. It was also developed with a mobile-first approach, so it can be used in the office, at home, or even on the road with your smartphone.

Internal Communication & Collaboration
We recommend Workplace by Facebook - intuitional and reliable

Consulting, Strategy & Implementation

You don't want to miss out on the bonus of a social intranet and want to know how you can use «Workplace from Facebook» for your company?

We can give you strategic and conceptual advice and even support you with setup and configuration. To ensure a smooth transition to Workplace we offer training and workshops, whether it be for management only or all of your employees.



Organize collaboration in groups. Create and share posts, comment, and even leave a like.

Workplace Chat

Who needs e-mails? With Workplace Chat you can communicate easily with text, images, gifs, emojis and stickers. Even better? It also has an audio and video calling feature.

News Feed

Just like good old Facebook, Workplace also has a News Feed. Here, users can see a summary of all the most important information from their groups in one main feed.

Cross-Company Collaboration

Do you have a partner who also uses Workplace? Then skip the mail communication and talk about current projects and your collaboration in groups and chats. It's just like when companies are friends on Facebook.


No matter where you are, you will always be able to connect with your company thanks to the Workplace and Work Chat smartphone apps. This way, even employees who are on the go can be reached without a problem.

Automated Translations

Reach colleagues on the other side of the world who don't speak your language with automated translation into more than ten languages.

Integrations and Automation

Link your existing tools and automate your operations with chatbots.

Knowledge Storage

With the knowledge database, the relevant company information, manuals, and regulations are stored centrally in one place; and with the organization chart, people can be assigned and contacted directly.

Audit / 2nd Opinion

You already use «Workplace from Facebook»? No worries- we can even review and optimize your current activities. That way you know you’re getting the most out of the tool.

Point of contact

Internal Communication & Collaboration
Stefano Lungaretti
Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group
Stefano Lungaretti
Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group

Civil engineering drafting, information technology, business administration and now social media management - there is hardly a topic in the IT and business sector that Stefano has not yet risked to take a look at. At Hutter Consult AG, our favourite Italian guy is responsible for business development in connection with the expansion of our agency platform services. In addition, as an experienced project manager and Head of Platforms, he is the first point of contact for customers in all matters and needs relating to the actual platforms. He finds and enables the implementation of sustainable, efficient and technology-based tool and platform solutions for successful social media management.

In private, his two little sons like to keep him busy - except when Daddy treats himself to a cigar and a whiskey on Sunday evening after the obligatory Sunday dinner at his parents'. Then he finally has a moment to himself.

Livia Mosberger
Livia Mosberger

Livia was recruited directly from her university lecture room to the Hutter office, well equipped with a wild curly mane and a freshly acquired bachelor's degree. Since then, she supports her customers as a platform expert and deals with the Meta support.

But that's not enough for her, so she's also studying for a master's degree in business informatics at the University of Applied Sciences in Eastern Switzerland.

The digital native spends the rest of her free time cooking, listening to podcasts or exploring virtual reality worlds with her Oculus VR glasses. Offline, Livia is also involved in the Stadtmusik Gossau, where she plays the French horn, and enjoys time with family and friends.

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