Internationalization & Localization

«Think local, act global» may be an old shoe from a marketing perspective. But in the age of digital, it still holds true. Companies that use social media in several countries and languages, or even have several locations, are always faced with the challenge of finding the right setup for their channels and a sensible page structure, for example on Facebook, that regulates the daily effort.

Location-based marketing is increasingly being identified by marketers as the linking element between offline and online measures within their own marketing activities. Location targeting plays a leading role in digital marketing. For this purpose, every shrewd marketer has already analyzed and examined the location data of their own mobile campaigns in detail and thus recognized the positive effects on real customer behavior, such as store visits.  

With the abolition of organic language targeting on Facebook, the relevance of global and local pages has increased, especially on this platform.   


Facebook Locations allows businesses to better organize their presence on Facebook. With Locations, all company locations on Facebook can be connected and managed under one roof to make local pages and local awareness ads more efficient. New local pages can be added, information about existing locations can be edited, and all locations can be managed centrally.  

Locations or location pages have a geographic address and can form their own Facebook community, just like a simple Facebook page. Visitors to the locations also have the option of checking in at the corresponding location.  


  • ... help their customers find a location faster.  
  • ... offer localized content.  
  • ... Manage all locations centrally. But they don't have to.  
  • ... Consolidate visits to the main site.  
  • ... manage local advertisements.  
  • ... use additional ad formats, such as Local Awareness Ads.  
  • ... make use of advanced tracking options.

Facebook Global Pages

Facebook Global Pages give businesses and advertisers the ability to create dedicated individual localized and market-specific versions of their content for their customers worldwide. However, this is only possible under a universal brand name, with the total number of all fans, a vanity URL, and global statistics on the entire fan community.  

Global pages are usually divided by language, country, or language/country region.


  • ... offer their customers localized and market-specific content.  
  • ... appear worldwide under a universal brand name.  
  • ... form large, superordinate communities.  
  • ... manage all country/market sites centrally and grant country/market specific access.  
  • ... generate country/market specific insights. 


  • International companies and brands  
  • International organizations  
  • Travel and tourism 

LinkedIn Company Pages

Even though LinkedIn does not currently enable structures like Facebook, there is also a need there to have and manage market-specific company pages. The main advantages of LinkedIn are the professionalism of the platform and the users that can be reached on it. 

Google Business Profile

Google's free business directory is the most used source of information for people globally and is often forgotten in the whole marketing mix. However, the Business Profile and the associated possibilities should be part of every standard marketing. With the constantly added functions, besides increasing visibility, it is possible to inform and interact with potential customers. Whether information about the company, events, photos or the not to be underestimated references, make the Google Business Profile indispensable.  


  • Retail and hospitality  
  • Entertainment  
  • Travel and tourism  
  • Financial services with agencies and locations  
  • Service providers  
  • Public transportation 


  • International companies and brands  
  • International organizations  
  • Travel and tourism 
Internationalization & Localization
Structures, Country Pages, Global Pages - we all set it up for you

Consulting & Strategy

Our social media platform specialists offer advice on the optimal possibilities that the various platforms have to offer and address your specific wishes and pain points.

Although it is a large effort, once it is complete, the structure offers multiple benefits. In today’s digital world, where individuals are constantly on the move, fast and location-based communication is indispensable.

Project Management & Implementation

Usually, implementing corporate structures on Google and social media isn’t a priority and requires a lot of resources. However, we’d be more than happy to support you with the (re)structuring – or even take care of it for you, if that’s what you need.

Complex Structure Management

Are you slowly losing track of all your company pages on social media and Google or are thinking about building a new structure entirely? We’ll show you all the possibilities and even support you with the implementation.

Tool Selection Support

There are so many tools to keep track of the various site pages, and it’s hard to pick the perfect ones. No worries – we'll help you sort through the possibilities and pick the very best options for your needs. We’ll even help you with the implementation and train you and your employees on how to use the tools themselves.

Point of Contact

Internationalization & Localization
Stefano Lungaretti
Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group
Stefano Lungaretti
Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group

Civil engineering drafting, information technology, business administration and now social media management - there is hardly a topic in the IT and business sector that Stefano has not yet risked to take a look at. At Hutter Consult AG, our favourite Italian guy is responsible for business development in connection with the expansion of our agency platform services. In addition, as an experienced project manager and Head of Platforms, he is the first point of contact for customers in all matters and needs relating to the actual platforms. He finds and enables the implementation of sustainable, efficient and technology-based tool and platform solutions for successful social media management.

In private, his two little sons like to keep him busy - except when Daddy treats himself to a cigar and a whiskey on Sunday evening after the obligatory Sunday dinner at his parents'. Then he finally has a moment to himself.

Dorian Kostanjsek
Senior Consultant
Dorian Kostanjsek
Senior Consultant

Dorian Kostanjsek is graduated in business informatics and audio engineering and now a part of the platform as well as the ads team as both consultant and advertising specialist because of his ultra-exciting knowledge in IT and audio engineering. He also makes sure that the Hutter Consult internal IT structure works like Swiss clockwork.

And in case you want to get into the music business, Dorian also offers 11 years of event and music experience and has tried his hand in the music business from song production to club operations in the past.

Privately Dorian lives for sports and music. And because his name is so complicated, he has made a virtue out of necessity and collects misspellings of his surname.

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