Lead generation

We think that cold calling on channels like LinkedIn or Facebook are inefficient, unappealing, and let’s be honest- a little annoying. Do you agree? 

Developing efficient methods for customer acquisition or leads is just as important these days in online marketing as it is in traditional marketing. 

No worries. We’ll develop agile methods for you to efficiently, purposefully and sympathetically gain valuable B2B and B2C leads online. 

  • What kind of leads are you looking for?    
  • Test drives for your latest vehicle model?    
  • Participants for your workshop or seminar?  
  • Sales pitches for financial and insurance products?   
  • Test participants for your new product?   
  • Participants in product demonstrations or events?   
  • Purchases for your book, watch, insurance, banking product, etc.? 

No matter what they’re for, we know efficient and sustainable methods to generate relevant leads using strategic and intelligent funnels systems. 

Depending on which phase of the buying decision a prospect is in, they need different advertising media. For example, a prospect who is in the process of gathering information needs different information than someone who is about to make a final purchase decision. Our data-based funnel systems target your future leads through the different phases of the buying process. 

Online lead generation with perfect lead nurturing
Whether Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube or programmatic advertising


We’ve got lead generation on digital and social channels down pat. We can work together to develop a strategy based on your current needs, and even give you advice on efficiently implementing and scaling your methods.

Using a strategic funnel concept, we can help you efficiently target potential customers and tailor precise messages based on their location within the lead process.


Where would you find potential leads, if not somewhere where they are directly expressing their interest? Yes, we're talking about the biggest search engine in the world: Google. And if your customers aren’t looking on Google, then they’re on Bing- and we can do that too. Using a full-funnel strategy, we’ll find you leads directly from an interested target group.


Leads on Facebook just make sense. Not only via lead forms, but also with other advertising media. We’ll recommend the best opportunities for efficiently displaying your product or service to reach your ideal target group.

We are a Premium Meta Business Partner and therefore have proven expertise and competence mixed with over ten years of experience with scaling Facebook advertising.


LinkedIn is great for concrete leads. Displayed as an ad, LinkedIn's lead form is a perfect fit. Interested in trying something else? We can even show you some other ways to attract leads from the most popular business platform.


Leads can even be acquired via Instagram. As a Premium Meta Business Partner, we can support you with a great deal of expertise and many years of experience in ads. With us, you can be sure that you are reaching the right target group and attracting the right leads.


TikTok and lead generation? Is that even possible? We sure do think so- and we’ll show you how using focused marketing measures. Not only is it a great platform to reach Millennials and Gen Z, but there’s also older target groups using the app.


Pinterest is one of the most underrated social media platforms. We'll show you how to find leads using this visual search engine, where millions of people search for inspiration every day.


With YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world, we'll find potential customers when they express an interest and lead them directly to you. As a Google Premier Partner, you can be confident that we will provide you with some of the best available expertise.


We always keep up with the latest technology and can find your ideal target group using the right partners. With automatic payout, your media budget is spent efficiently on the most interesting platforms and your offer reaches the right target group.


Conversion optimization is an important subtopic in digital marketing, and even more so in lead generation. Using targeted methods to increase leads, we continuously optimize processes, landing pages, and lead forms. We will make sure your media budget is used both more efficiently and profitably.

Point of contact

Lead generation
Thomas Hutter
CEO / Partner MYTY Group
Thomas Hutter
CEO / Partner MYTY Group

Thomas Hutter is owner, managing director and lead animal of the Hutter Consult-Crew. Known as the "Facebook Guru" since its inception and as one of the most renowned Facebook marketing experts in the German-speaking region, he advises large and medium-sized companies, organizations and agencies.

The blog, founded in 2009, is the founding base of today's Hutter Consult AG, and remains one of the most important resources on current developments in Facebook and social media marketing in the German-speaking countries in Europe.

Thomas passes on his knowledge both as a lecturer and as a seminar leader at various seminar providers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He can be met as a speaker and mentor at the most popular and current conferences of the industry.

And if his day is not already filled up with just that, the workaholic loves to spend his offline time with cigars, rum, extensive BBQs, his familia and latina americana - preferably all the above in combination with his jacuzzi.

Thomas Besmer
Head of Consulting & Business Development / Management board / Partner MYTY Group
Thomas Besmer
Head of Consulting & Business Development / Management board / Partner MYTY Group

Thomas Besmer, also lovingly named"Besmo" amongst his colleagues, is an old player in the digital business – he has been playing in the online industry since 2005. His CV includes positions at AZ Direct, CSS Versicherungen, Farner Consulting and Comparis, before he joined the Hutter Consult AG in December 2017. In his capacity as Senior Consultant and Head of Consulting, 'Besmo' is responsible for comprehensive consulting activities with a focus on analysis, business development and the further expansion of our agency services.

As a father of two, he never gets bored. Whether it's building Duplo trains or spending hours digging. Yes, digging - you read that right ;-). There is and will be a programme after work. And even if the quiet minutes have become significantly less, he enjoys every moment with his family. Some of which he also shares in his podcast «Die Mustergatten».

Phone +41 52 508 70 10 (head office)
Phone +41 52 508 70 18 (direct)
Mobile +41 79 323 08 38
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Florian Muff
Head of Advertising / Management board / Partner MYTY Group
Florian Muff
Head of Advertising / Management board / Partner MYTY Group

Florian, has been with the Hutter Consult AG since its inception, and is now Head of Advertising and a member of the executive board.

He acts as a charming, but also competent interface between conception/strategy and the implementation of digital advertising with platforms such as Facebook/Instagram Ads, Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, ... up to Microsoft Ads. And because that's definitely not enough for him, he also develops concepts regarding search engine marketing, Google Analytics and also supports our customers with UX design questions for websites and advertising media creation. Florian is also a passionate data nerd, for whom Excel is an MMORPG and likes to analyze and optimize till he drops.

Another fun fact: when he smells cheese fondue he gets glassy eyes, with raclette he gets extremely happy and with a BBQ he never gets enough!

Phone +41 52 508 70 10 (head office)
Phone +41 52 508 70 08 (direct)
Mobile +41 78 674 60 66
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