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Messenger apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or WeChat- which is especially popular in Asia- have become the most popular apps for today’s digitally connected users. And if you’re not in the loop yet, now’s the time to catch up; after all, Messenger apps are quickly taking over social media. Nowadays, offering customers a form of 1:1 communication online is a must.


People are communicating more and more online and crave personal connections. Therefore, communication via Messenger offers huge potential for companies to meet the consumer’s expectations. With apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, companies are always just a quick message away and available right in the consumer's pocket. Consumers can communicate directly with the company, avoid long wait times, and it allows for more personal and unfiltered conversations.


Even though communication via Messenger is great for keeping your target group up to date, it is typically used for consumers looking to communicate with the company directly. They will usually have questions, be looking for an expert opinion or recommendations, or want to give feedback on a product/service. So, your company should be prepared for a certain number of messages. Not only that, but consumers will have high expectations- such as effectiveness, convenience, reliability, and response time. However, if your company meets these expectations, it is a good sign for consumers and will give them the trust necessary to carry out a conversion.


Response time is a key factor for communication via Messenger. Users want a quick answer- regardless of when they make the request. Here, Chatbots are the perfect solution; not only do they automatically answer the most frequently asked questions by drawing from a knowledge database, but they can also get to know the consumer via a question-and-answer dialog and- should the need arise- forward the inquiry to a real contact person.


Messenger communication and Chatbots offer improved and highly personal customer relationships and allow companies to reach their customers where they’re already active- directly in messaging apps. On the one hand, the possibilities are endless, but on the other hand, they should be individualized for each company’s needs. Here are a few possible applications:


- Complaint Management

- Direct Booking via Messenger

- Customer Support for Current Guests

- Reservations (Restaurant, Massages, etc.)

- Automated Notifications and Reminders


- Information Requests about the Program

- Nominee Profile Requests

- Interactive Voting (Polls during/after event)

- Retrieval and Issue of tickets

- Check-In

- Content Delivery (Images/Videos) for Sharing


- Product Recommendations via Chatbot

- Promotions & New Product Announcements

- Advice & Answers about Products

- Product Return Management

- Direct Ordering & Payment


Messenger communication is the new norm in today’s modern age- and thanks to its good performance, it is also a necessary addition to typical social media communication and paid advertising.

To put it simply, it’d be a huge mistake to not use messenger communication with your business. So, are you ready to get started today? Ask yourself the following:

  • - How can I use messenger communication within my company?
  • - Which platforms do my target groups use?
  • - Do our customers have frequently asked questions that a chatbot could answer automatically?
  • - Is there any reason I wouldn’t partner with the awesome team at Hutter Consult to make this happen?

With messenger communication you can win over new customers, provide exceptional customer service, enable simpler transactions, increase awareness and even support an active dialog with your target group. Oh, and to help you answer the last question- there isn’t one. In fact, we can do it all for you.

Whether WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram Messenger


We work with you to develop a strategy for the use of Facebook Messenger and other bots that is tailored to your goals. Let's help you start a conversation and show you how to open a discussion with your community.


We can help you conceptualize a plan for your messenger communication to make sure your strategy and interactions with your community are as beneficial as possible.


Whether it be ManyChat, Chatfuel, or WhatsApp Business, we have a great team that feels right at home with all the most popular tools. We will implement your ideas quickly and reliably, no matter how elaborate it might be.


Messenger communication is dynamic and needs to learn constantly. But no worries- we'll make sure you get the support you need and we’ll even share all of our best insights. Let us help!


Now you’ll be both reachable 24/7 and equipped with the latest artificial intelligence. We’ll analyze all of the chatbot possibilities for your business and implement automated scenarios and dialogs. Not only that, but we’ll even link the messenger solution with your own knowledge and contact database. Whether you’re looking for an individual solution or connection of an existing interface, we’ll make sure your automated data is exactly where it belongs.


Point of contact

Claude Sprenger
Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group
Claude Sprenger
Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group

Wer einmal bei Thomas war, kehrt immer wieder zu Thomas zurück - so auch Claude Sprenger gute 13 Jahre später, nach seiner Ausbildung bei Thomas H. himself. Dafür ist er nun besser, schneller und digitaler. Genau wie wir ihn brauchen. Nach GmbH (Hutter), Assai Dialog+Digital (Wirz) und der Koch Kommunikation bereichert er das Team mit seinem Querdenkerkopf, dem ungebremst Digitalisierungsstrategien und Visionen entspringen. 

Claude übernimmt in seiner Funktion als Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group und Senior Consultant eine umfassende Beratertätigkeit mit Schwerpunkt Tool- und Appdevelopment und ist für die strategische Weiterentwicklung und Automatisierung von Businessprozessen, Tools und Services zuständig. 

Privat steht Claude auf Vitamin Sea und Kitesurfen und ist Büchern in tatsächlicher Bücherform, einem guten Tropfen Vino und Whiskey «on the rocks» (welch Schande!) zugeneigt.


Direktwahl +41 52 508 70 09 
Mobile +41 79 574 38 08

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Livia Mosberger
Livia Mosberger

Livia was recruited directly from her university lecture room to the Hutter office, well equipped with a wild curly mane and a freshly acquired bachelor's degree. Since then, she supports her customers as a platform expert and deals with the Meta support.

But that's not enough for her, so she's also studying for a master's degree in business informatics at the University of Applied Sciences in Eastern Switzerland.

The digital native spends the rest of her free time cooking, listening to podcasts or exploring virtual reality worlds with her Oculus VR glasses. Offline, Livia is also involved in the Stadtmusik Gossau, where she plays the French horn, and enjoys time with family and friends.

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