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Keeping your eyes and ears open is the first – and arguably the most important – step here. In fact, if you’re already able to pay attention and listen carefully, you’re already halfway there. In order to be successful in social media marketing, you should listen closely to three things: what your own community is talking about, what content and industry trends are currently trending, and what your competitors are talking about. The great news is, there are automated monitoring and listening tools to help you do exactly that.   

What is it?  

Social listening means - in the literal sense - listening, monitoring, and evaluating what is said and written about a topic, a brand, a person or a company via social media (and on the Internet in general). This includes everything from mentions of one's own company on Twitter or monitoring trending topics and competition, to what content is currently particularly popular on Google, Instagram, and Facebook. The information is then analyzed to find trends and data-based insights, which in turn can be used to create concrete measures or a meaningful strategy. Social listening identifies behavioral patterns, observes sentiment, and draws conclusions from relevant conversations. As a result, a range of processes can be influenced and updated accordingly – like business processes, product updates, and advertising strategies.  

Social media monitoring collects data and mentions about your company, your brand, and your industry - primarily from the conversations your very own target audience is having.  


The raison d'être of social listening and monitoring activities has been confirmed over and over again by communication consultants and subject experts. In order to be active on social media in a sustainable, targeted, and engaged way, it is absolutely necessary to be listening, questioning, confirming, or changing things such as content, formats, strategies, and measures on a regular basis.  

Social listening allows one to discover trends and useful target group insights from relevant dialogs. However, social listening is not simply uncovering trends and demographics, but actually much more - like exploring and understanding online dialogues in greater depth.  


People will truly talk about anything online. So it's no surprise that social listening is now used in many fields and industries. However, it is important that it is setup and carried out correctly. 


What do customers have to say about your brand? Are the comments positive or negative? Which products are discussed the most? What is the feedback like? Who is saying what?

Furthermore, social listening can be used to build business strategies, open up new product areas and find out if loyal customers might be interested in a new product, for example


In B2B, social listening is extremely useful for monitoring and benchmarking the competition. Who has the largest voice share in the market? How are the market and potential customers evolving? What about demographics?

Or, if you want to think about it differently - if I want to communicate my services/products to other companies, how do I reach decision makers, and what are they interested in?


Social listening is also beneficial for government institutions and political parties. Here, the topics are also comprehensive and variable: whether it’s a more detailed understanding of target groups and demographics, complaint management, or even feedback.

Suppose the Ministry of Environment launches a new campaign to support Swiss farmers. Social listening can be used to track and analyze how the message is spreading, who has been reached, how and where, and exactly what consumers think of it.


Whether you’re interested in dialogues focused on certain topics, mentions, and opinions regarding your organization, interesting topics for your next campaign, or even fundraising, social listening can offer huge advantages for nonprofits. It can allow a NPO or NGO to pursue their interests, while requiring the least amount of financial effort.

For example, identifying a group of donors may show that they have a particular affinity for dogs. Therefore, your next Facebook campaign can feature dogs to capture the attention of and connect with the desired target audience.

Social Listening & Monitoring - How Can We Support You?
Listen, learn and react - with the suitable tools


We can analyze your requirements together to discover which is the best tool to meet your needs.

We’ll even develop a strategy for you, which will include a requirements catalog for your personalized social listening dashboard.


Once the best monitoring solution has been chosen, we’ll take care of the setup and configuration of the selected software, setup the access roles, and even generate dashboards and regular reports for you.


We’ll check your existing system environment and program suitable adapters for the integration of your business data. Especially for social listening and social monitoring, a real-time feed is very important - and we’ll make sure that all of the required prerequisites are met.


Dashboards are always dynamic and requirements change. We’ll support you with questions or adapt your social monitoring and social listening dashboards as needed.

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Social Listening & Monitoring
Thomas Besmer
Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group
Thomas Besmer
Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group

Thomas Besmer, also lovingly named"Besmo" amongst his colleagues, is an old player in the digital business – he has been playing in the online industry since 2005. His CV includes positions at AZ Direct, CSS Versicherungen, Farner Consulting and Comparis, before he joined the Hutter Consult AG in December 2017. In his capacity as Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group, 'Besmo' is responsible for comprehensive consulting activities with a focus on analysis, business development and the further expansion of our agency services.

As a father of two, he never gets bored. Whether it's building Duplo trains or spending hours digging. Yes, digging - you read that right ;-). There is and will be a programme after work. And even if the quiet minutes have become significantly less, he enjoys every moment with his family. Some of which he also shares in his podcast «Die Mustergatten».

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