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Because the #oneteam of Hutter Consult is considered a pioneer in digital marketing, which develops smart, innovative and holistic solutions to increase customer success.


#oneteam is more than you expect

With our huge MYTY partner network, we offer the full range of marketing - combined with first-class service.

Because we don't say "yes" when we think "no", we are considered the pioneers in digital marketing.  We are respectful and mindful - to ourselves in the team, as well as to our clients. 

Together we motivate ourselves by celebrating successes and solving challenges.



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More than 19.5 Mio visitors on our blog since 2009
Accountable ad-spent in 2020: about 45 Mio Euro
Supervised FB pages: > 1'000
Triggered shitstorms since 2009: 2 on purpose, 4 unintentionally
Conducted workshops & seminars: more than 5.600 hours
Size of our own Facebook community: around 33.000 fans
Zoom / Teams-Meeting hours in 2020: more than 2400
Workshop and seminar participants: >3.000
Blog posts since 2009: about 3.000
Number of countries represented in our team: 10
Weekly coffee consumption: 3 kg
Weekly Red Bull consumption: 5 crates à 24 cans
Number of dogs in our office: 2 - 6
Office internet connection: 2 x 1/1 GBIT/S
Number of vegetarians/vegans in our team: 0

Our happy places are

of the #oneteam are:


Openness and transparency

Honesty and appreciation

Tolerance and helpfulness

Ambition and goal orientation

Encouragement of each individual

Dogs that enrich the daily work routine


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Thomas Hutter
Managing Partner (CEO/VR) / Partner MYTY Group
Thomas Hutter
Managing Partner (CEO/VR) / Partner MYTY Group

Thomas Hutter ist Gründer und CEO der Hutter Consult AG und Partner bei der MYTY Group. Er ist einer der Pioniere im Meta Marketing und bekannt als der «Facebook-Guru» der ersten Stunde. Als einer der renommiertesten Meta Marketing Experten im deutschsprachigen Raum berät er grosse und mittelständische Unternehmen, Organisationen und Agenturen.

Den Grundstein für die Hutter Consult AG legte er mit dem 2009 gegründeten Blog, der nach wie vor als eine der wichtigsten Ressourcen zu den aktuellen Entwicklungen im Bereich Facebook und Social Media Marketing im deutschsprachigen Raum gilt.

Sein Wissen gab er in den letzten 11 Jahren bereits an weit über 2000 Menschen in Seminaren und Unterrichtsmodulen an Fachhochschulen als Dozent oder Seminarleiter bei diversen Seminaranbietern in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz weiter. Auf vielen gängigen Konferenzen der Branche trifft man ihn als Speaker und Mentor live und in Farbe.

Wenn das alles noch nicht genug ist, vertreibt der Workaholic in der Offline-Welt seine Zeit mit Zigarren und Rum - bevorzugt in Kombination mit seinem Jacuzzi, ausgiebigen Grilladen oder Zeit mit seinen beiden Töchtern und seinem Hund Cliff.


Direktwahl +41 52 508 70 07 
Mobile +41 79 431 04 81

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Ingrid Urlacher
HR- & Event- Manager
Ingrid Urlacher
HR- & Event- Manager

Ingrid began her professional career by training as a musical theatre performer in the port city of Hamburg and supports the OneTeam in the areas of HR and event management. Cruise ship- enthusiasts may already know our Ingrid, as the native German was at home on the world's oceans as a hotel officer on the well-known «Mein Schiff» of TUI Cruises.

In the last few years, she has toured Germany as an event manager with «Dine & Crime». When she has time, she is always on the move: whether with friends or alone, her faithful four-legged friend Pako is always with her, preferably in the great outdoors. This is why she decided to move to Switzerland. Ingrid has already travelled to 76 countries, speaks five languages and has worked with 48 nations. She skilfully contributes her in-depth expertise in HR and event management to the OneTeam.