Performance Marketing

We specialize in converting potential clients into returning customers across all the biggest channels - including Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, and more. With our years of experience in strategy, design and digital marketing campaign execution, we can deliver measurable performance through the use of strategic funnels.


Many companies still underestimate the effectiveness of digital performance marketing. But our experience proves that strategic performance marketing via digital channels is one of the most powerful, cost-efficient, and quickest ways to generate new customers. 

Now, how do we make the magic happen? We’ll present your offer in the most favorable way using the most efficient measures, and only on the most optimal digital channels. This ensures that we reach your ideal target group and generate only the best customers. With our wide range of experience, your campaigns are sure to achieve continuous top performance, no matter what channel. And thanks to our use of funnel strategies- as well as the right bidding strategy, aligned with your business goals - your performance marketing is sure to be top-notch. Are you overwhelmed with terms like target ROAS, conversion optimization, target CPA, or click optimization? Don’t worry - we're pros and are well-versed in all things marketing.

In fact, one of our specialties is long-term cross-channel performance marketing, thanks to the use of properly integrated tracking, analysis, and continuous optimization and scaling (via optimized targeting and exceptional ad design). In our opinion, no marketing strategy is complete without the integral use of performance campaigns.

With the use of conversion lift studies, we are able to measure the incremental impact of your ads on your sales. We do this using a variety of brand metrics captured via the Facebook Pixel, SDK, or even with offline conversions. Then, we can create actionable recommendations and implement them in order to continuously scale and improve your campaign performance.



We’ll offer you advice on how to set up efficient and scalable performance marketing on digital channels. We’ll help you develop the right strategy for your goals by defining your KPIs, analyzing your existing channels and online processes, and monitoring your customer’s actions.


Based on the results of the analysis, we will develop a strategy and measurement points that align perfectly with your business goals. We will design a funnel concept that is tailored to your goals for an efficient approach to your potential customers, which targets users precisely based on where they are within the buying process.


That way, we can address all of your potential customers and even encourage them to take the actions you want.


On Facebook, we can reach the ideal target group for your product or service using both efficient and profit-oriented methods.


We are an experienced agency with more than 10 years of track record, we have next-level expertise and loads of experience with scaling Facebook advertising.



These days, it’s a given that your potential customers are also on Instagram. With your product or service, we can both reach and inspire them on this visual-based platform.


As an experienced Agency with more than ten years of track record, we have a lot of experience with Instagram advertising.



Potential customers who are searching for your product or service via search engines are expressing a clear interest. While they are looking around, we can grab their attention with the right messaging and lead them right to you.


As a Google Partner and Microsoft Advertising Partner, you can count on our extensive know-how.



YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world- and customers purchasing via search engines show a clear interest in your products and services. We pick up potential customers when they express interest and drive them directly to you.


As a Google Premier Partner, you can count on our proven and extensive know-how.


Is your target group active on the LinkedIn business platform? We’ll grab their attention with the right message and direct them efficiently to your offer using a full-funnel concept.


Is your product or service ideal for a younger crowd? Then we have the perfect social media platform for you- whether for Millennials or Gen-Zers. TikTok is the hottest new thing in social media and here brands can position themselves in a dynamic and fresh way. We’ll work with you to develop the right marketing measures to reach this demanding target group.


Interested in using inspirational content to generate potential customers? Then Pinterest is the place to be. We’ll help you reach your ideal target group as efficiently as possible and lead them right to your website.


Thanks to both the latest technology and the right partners, we target your audience even more intelligently and make sure your performance marketing is running at its absolute best. Your media budget is distributed efficiently and audience-specifically, ensuring your offer reaches the right target groups.


Conversion optimization is an integral part of digital marketing. Using targeted methods to increase sales, we continuously optimize your ads, landing pages, and sales processes. We’ll make sure that your media budget is used as efficiently and profitably as possible.

Point of contact

Performance Marketing
Thomas Hutter
Managing Partner (CEO/VR) / Partner MYTY Group
Thomas Hutter
Managing Partner (CEO/VR) / Partner MYTY Group

Thomas Hutter is founder and CEO of Hutter Consult AG and partner at MYTY Group. He is one of the pioneers in meta marketing and known as the "Facebook guru" of the first hour. As one of the most renowned meta marketing experts in German-speaking countries, he advises large and medium-sized companies, organizations and agencies.

He laid the foundation for Hutter Consult AG with the blog, which was founded in 2009 and is still considered one of the most important resources on current developments in Facebook and social media marketing in the German-speaking world.

In the last 11 years, he has already passed on his knowledge to well over 2000 people in seminars and teaching modules at universities of applied sciences as a lecturer or seminar leader at various seminar providers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. At many popular conferences in the industry you can meet him live and in color as a speaker and mentor.

If all that is not enough, the workaholic spends his time in the offline world with cigars and rum - preferably in combination with his Jacuzzi, extensive barbecues or time with his two daughters and his Dog Cliff.

Thomas Besmer
Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group
Thomas Besmer
Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group

Thomas Besmer, also lovingly named"Besmo" amongst his colleagues, is an old player in the digital business – he has been playing in the online industry since 2005. His CV includes positions at AZ Direct, CSS Versicherungen, Farner Consulting and Comparis, before he joined the Hutter Consult AG in December 2017. In his capacity as Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group, 'Besmo' is responsible for comprehensive consulting activities with a focus on analysis, business development and the further expansion of our agency services.

As a father of two, he never gets bored. Whether it's building Duplo trains or spending hours digging. Yes, digging - you read that right ;-). There is and will be a programme after work. And even if the quiet minutes have become significantly less, he enjoys every moment with his family. Some of which he also shares in his podcast «Die Mustergatten».

Florian Muff
Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group
Florian Muff
Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group

Florian, has been with the Hutter Consult AG since its inception, and is now Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group.

He acts as a charming, but also competent interface between conception/strategy and the implementation of digital advertising with platforms such as Facebook/Instagram Ads, Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, ... up to Microsoft Ads. And because that's definitely not enough for him, he also develops concepts regarding search engine marketing, Google Analytics and also supports our customers with UX design questions for websites and advertising media creation. Florian is also a passionate data nerd, for whom Excel is an MMORPG and likes to analyze and optimize till he drops.

Another fun fact: when he smells cheese fondue he gets glassy eyes, with raclette he gets extremely happy and with a BBQ he never gets enough!

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