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Today's digital marketing activies must yield measurable results. For a comprehensive understanding of one's own marketing activities, current key figures such as impressions, reach and clicks are simply no longer sufficient. If you want to roam sustainably, successfully and profitably within the digital cosmos, you need to ask for the right key figures and define strategically sustainable KPIs for any of your marketing activities.

Impressions and reach are good KPIs. However, they do not give any proof of the value these campaigns have effectively generated for the business overall, let alone what turnover has been generated. What are meaningful KPIs and what are the corresponding metrics? How can I track, compare and analyze them?
We will provide you with tools that make tracking and analytics a fixed component within your own digital marketing.

Google Analytics

The best digital analytics tool goes to waste, if it is not implemented and used correctly. Whether e-commerce tracking, form tracking or measuring the depth of visits to a website - every company has different requirements and challenges when it comes to measuring the right metrics. We work with you to develop a tracking concept for the successful and correct measurement of key figures and create reviews for you to draw conclusions about the behavior of people and the success of campaigns.

If you are already one step ahead, we will gladly take a closer look at your tracking activities and give you a well-grounded assessment of your current situation.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Marketing at its best: With the integration and application of the Facebook pixel onto your website, a variety of advertising and targeting options can be generated for your Facebook ad activities. For example: new target groups, such as people who have made more than €4,000 in sales in the shop in the last 90 days, are really exciting to look at. Or people who have added products to their shopping cart but have not completed their purchase. Or just a few more.

Facebook Analytics

What revenue was generated by my Facebook Post three months ago? How many of my Facebook fans actually visited my website? And how many of my website visitors downloaded my app? With Facebook Analytics, you will know all of this right away.

A big advantage of Facebook Analytics is that the analysis is based on people and not on devices. This allows you to answer a variety of questions, regardless of the data source.

Google Tag Manager

In almost every company IT resources are limited. If you want to integrate a new tracking script on your website, this can take up to several weeks.

With the Google Tag Manager you have the possibility to integrate the scripts on your website without any involvement of your IT department. This also works for further implementations.

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Google Optimize

Which headline works better? Which button generates more leads? What is usually tested with advertising media on Facebook and Co. is often neglected on one's own website.

We carry out A/B tests and multivariate tests for you. With the help of Google Optimize we will find out how we can get the users to the defined goal. With this free tool, we can ideally optimize the conversion rate and the user experience through specific targeting.


Reportgarden is a cross-platform tool that can do quite a bit: Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, Twitter Ads, Twitter Analytics, Instagram Insights, LinkedIn Insights and much more. Cross-country and cross-channel dashboards and reporting templates can be adapted for other campaigns or markets with little effort after a one-time setup. Another highlight: access by third parties can be granted without explicit access to ad accounts or pages.

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