In recent years hardly any other communications discipline has shown more movement and change  than social media: Facebook was launched more than 14 years ago, Twitter has been around for more than 12 years, YouTube since 2005, Instagram since 2010 and Snapchat since 2011. As a result, new networks, new formats and constantly changing user behavior implicate new challenges to the social media management of brands and companies. Regular maintenance and control of the channels thus becomes a time-consuming challenge.

Maintenance of the different social media channels often proves to be a time-consuming duty. Especially if each network is maintained individually and manually. Thus, tools for social media automation are increasingly used, which support maintenance and analysis efficiently. Efficiency and know-how are half the battle here! Depending on your needs, we have different tool partners at hand for Social Media Management, Social & Online Measurement, Listening and Know How Management.

Facelift Cloud

The Facelift Cloud is an integrated system for social media marketing, repeatedly certified and optimized for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Co. The cloud solution offers a centralized and efficient approach of activity management on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WordPress, XING and LinkedIn. What's possible: Engagement, Advertising, Statistics, Publishing and Communication. provides social media management for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube and LinkedIn. And it is really good. This works: Community Management, Customer Service & Ticketing, Content Planning & Publishing, Statistics & Performance Analysis.

SOCIFY mainly focuses on content publishing and communication management for companies with several Facebook pages, global pages and parent/child structures.


uberMetrics is a data aggregation and analysis tool that automatically and accurately identifies data relevant to your business from a mass of public information. For example: Identification of opinion leaders, evaluation of campaign success, monitoring of competitors, measurement of virality and reach, crisis and reputation management.


Have you every heard of this new buzzword? Digital Knowledge Management. And Yext. You can apply it to control all the information consumers are looking for and discover about your locations, products and employees. Yext integrates hundreds of leading networks, all of which can be kept up to date with a single tool.

Trainings & Workshops

We offer individual trainings for you and your team to get ready and to be on fire to apply and make the most of your new tool.

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Julia Wunsch, Head of Social Media
AXA Switzerland

«What I appreciate most about the cooperation with Hutter Consult is the high degree of flexibility and the comprehensive expert knowledge. Whether it's solving an acute, complex problem or designing a large campaign - the Hutter Consult staff do a great job and know the depth of social media in all its facets. The customizable workshops are also absolutely recommendable.»