Advertising Material Creation & Optimizations

No matter how sophisticated and well-thought-out, an advertising campaign and marketing strategy will not be successful if the customer touchpoint isn’t done well. The advertising medium (the combination of image, video and text) is usually the first thing the potential customer encounters. If this is not designed in an appealing way, the media budget might as well be thrown right out the window.

For the most part, a brand or company already has a corporate design - but this is only half the battle. On one side yes, the advertising material should be adapted according to company guidelines, but on the other side, does it also align with the core message and the target audience who are the focus of the campaign?

In today's media jungle, it is also no longer enough to simply produce a 16:9 video and a 1:1 image. The advertising media should really be adapted to all formats of the various media and social media platforms (which we do provide in the marketing strategy). For example, the Facebook Feed requires 1:1 videos and images, but Stories require a format of 9:16. Is this something you’ve kept in mind?

No worries. Our motion designers and social media experts can offer expert advice regarding all things' ad creation and optimization, regardless of platform. With information gathered from a multitude of campaigns for different industries, we are even able to optimize your advertising media based on cold hard data – and we do so by creating what is known as an Advertising Creative Framework concept. So, are you ready to take your ads to the next level? We certainly are!

Advertising Material Creation & Optimizations - How we can support you
Image, Video, Story, Reels


We’ll review your existing visuals or offer advice on a new project. We are even able to create an advertising style guide using your corporate design, as well as a test strategy for A-/B-tests, which is always highly recommended.


We'll create mockup/sample templates for common formats (such as 1:1 (feed), 4:5 (feed), 16:9 (feed) and 9:16 (stories) for Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and even TikTok, to make sure you are covered for every potential platform.

Advertising Creative Framework

Do you run social ads on a regular basis? Are you always testing new ads and optimizing? With the Advertising Creative Framework, we'll develop a concept that outlines how your ads will be created in the future, as well as how they can be continuously tested and optimized.

Adapation für Social Ads

Do you currently have TV ads, images, videos, or possibly other material and would like to utilize them as social ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.? We’ll help you adapt your existing material into appealing ads that are guaranteed to perform.

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Creation & Optimizations
Thomas Besmer
Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group
Thomas Besmer
Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group

Thomas Besmer, also lovingly named"Besmo" amongst his colleagues, is an old player in the digital business – he has been playing in the online industry since 2005. His CV includes positions at AZ Direct, CSS Versicherungen, Farner Consulting and Comparis, before he joined the Hutter Consult AG in December 2017. In his capacity as Managing Partner / Partner MYTY Group, 'Besmo' is responsible for comprehensive consulting activities with a focus on analysis, business development and the further expansion of our agency services.

As a father of two, he never gets bored. Whether it's building Duplo trains or spending hours digging. Yes, digging - you read that right ;-). There is and will be a programme after work. And even if the quiet minutes have become significantly less, he enjoys every moment with his family. Some of which he also shares in his podcast «Die Mustergatten».

Katharina Straub
Consultant Multimedia / Motion Design
Katharina Straub
Consultant Multimedia / Motion Design

Katharina completed her «Bachelor of Arts in Digital Film Making» at the SAE in Stuttgart. After her studies, love led her to Switzerland, or more precisely to Eastern Switzerland. For the last few years she worked, with her good humour and forward-thinking, the Eastern Switzerland Television (TVO). During this time, she developed herself as a film director.

During her studies she was involved in several short films, among others for the Film Academy and ARTE. She was also allowed to be an extra in a Matthias Schweighöfer (famous German filmmaker) film. While ten hours of filming, she has been seen in the cinema for one strong second. *uff*.

The Swabian likes everything that is sweet - especially gummy bears and spaghetti ice cream. Read that right! I wonder if an ice-cream parlour in Switzerland will offer this one day? Katharina hasn't found one yet. 

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