HR Marketing and social media go hand-in-hand in today's digital age. HR Marketing ensures, through targeted external and internal measures, that a company has access to a supply of qualified specialists – whether in the short or long term. This aims to not only attract new workers, but also develop and retain valuable employees. 

Employer branding uses a targeted marketing strategy to present the company as an attractive employer brand. The corporate image, the corporate values, and the positioning as an employer should be communicated as positively and attractively as possible to potential and existing employees.  

What has already worked well for a long time in people-based digital marketing for services and products can be transferred 1:1 to human resources marketing.  

This is where the employee journey, which defines the various touchpoints that potential and existing employees have with your company, comes into play. First, it is important to note which touchpoints exist in the journey, who is responsible for them, and how they affect the target group. If necessary, we can also help you determine if there are any important touchpoints missing, or if the content needs to be improved to for a better candidate experience.  

Providing a visualization of this journey with the existing touchpoints provides clarity regarding the current situation, while also offering a jumping-off point for additional HR marketing and employer branding activities. 

After a thorough analysis, we can offer our professional advice to help you achieve your HR marketing goals effectively and profitably. After all, we have many years of experience on all the relevant social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, and more. 

This is a point where we see a large amount of untapped potential in many companies and is a great way for you to draw attention to yourself as an employer.  

Human Ressources Marketing - how can we support you?
Employer Branding, Candidate Journey, Digital Recruiting

Employer Branding

Whether you are just looking to revise your employer branding or to start from scratch, we’re here to help. After an assessment of the current situation, the corporate culture, brand strength, and personas, the differentiating features are mapped and the Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is defined. Then, a meaningful marketing mix is developed and used for implementation, which is regularly measured and optimized.

Candidate and Employee Journey / Touchpoint Analysis

Working together, we will carefully map out the Candidate Journey and Employee Journey, ensuring that no touchpoint is forgotten. Based on the analysis that follows, we will provide you with recommendations for action tailored to your specific needs.

Digital Recruiting / Social Media Recruiting

Nowadays, expanding one’s recruitment process from traditional channels to digital media has become inevitable. A positive application experience (candidate experience) is essential. But no worries - we’ll show you how you can profitably optimize the process from top to bottom.

Advertising Opportunities

Benefit from our many years of experience with social media and media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, Xing, Twitter and more. Through performance recruiting, you will be able to target new, passive audiences and increase conversions as a result.

Seminars & Workshops for HR and Social Media Marketing

We offer various public seminars on LinkedIn and HR marketing, but are always willing to set up an individual workshop to teach you how to recruit more effectively.

We’d also be more than happy to speak at your event.

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HR Marketing
Theofilos Sidiropoulos
Senior Consultant
Theofilos Sidiropoulos
Senior Consultant

Theofilos is our Greek from Liechtenstein, or the other way around. After completing a banking apprenticeship and studying business with a focus on communication and marketing, he first worked in marketing for an underwear manufacturer. He discovered digital marketing early on and has already worked for agencies and as Social Media & Employer Branding Manager at the industrial group Oerlikon. At Hutter Consult, Theo works as a consultant for HR Marketing and Employer Branding.

In his free time, Theofilos can be found at the gym or calisthenics park. At the same time, he has a penchant for fast food, which can be a complicated mix. He is also a passionate movie lover, tech geek, hiker and grill master.