That's what our customers say

Larissa Gremlich, Specialist Market Communication
Thurgauer Kantonalbank

«The collaboration with Hutter Consult is very pleasant and professional. There is great expertise in the team and is also passed on in order to get the best out of the campaigns. We therefore enjoy working with Hutter Consult!»

Sandra Bornand, Project Manager Digital Communication
University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich

«The collaboration with Hutter Consult is characterized by mutual appreciation, transparent exchange and implementable proposals. I appreciate the ideas and hands-on implementation mentality that is lived in the agency. Also, the distinctive know-how in this volatile environment is always evident in the uncomplicated cooperation. Thank you.»

Bettina Zeiter, Senior Brand Manager Isostar
Wander AG

«Creative, uncomplicated and competent - qualities that you expect from social media marketing experts and really get it with the friendly team from Hutter. The collaboration is efficient, professional and simply fun.»

Lisa Berendes, Social Media & Content Manager
VGH Versicherungen

«Very competent contact person for all topics concerning social media, very good initiator for improvements and new approaches, always friendly and courteous, reliable and effective.»

Julia Reinfurth, Marketing Specialist
Interhome Group

«Competent, fast and with an incredible amount of know-how - that's what we really appreciate about Hutter Consult. Whether it's a matter of minor questions, unexpected challenges or larger projects: working with the nice and experienced team is fun and always takes us one step further.»

Dominik Grimm, Managing Director
ecodemy GmbH

«Analytical thinking meets inventiveness and strong communication: Since Hutter Consult has been supporting us in our Facebook and Google Ads - and that's not even half a year at the time of this statement - we have been able to improve the performance of our ads many times over. The regular calls by teams are fun and bring us a lot further each time: There is always something to optimize - and if not, they bring a whole bunch of new ideas. In addition to the calls, the exchange by mail is fast, super friendly and always solution-oriented. As a remote school for vegan nutrition, we feel that we have received excellent advice from Hutter Consult and would recommend the team at any time - except to our competitors ;-)»

Lisa Sperger, Marketing Manager
Twerenbold Reisen AG

«In the extremely fast-moving digital world, we are very happy to have such a competent partner as Hutter Consult AG at our side. A team of experts that supports us in both strategy and operational implementation. We especially appreciate the creative ideas, the professional consulting and the often very short term and fast implementation. In our eyes, cooperation cannot work any better.»

Sharon Lehmann, Marketing Communications Manager
PRS PET Recycling Switzerland

«Digital is moving! In the course of our digital realignment, we got in touch with Hutter Consult. With the development of our digital strategy, the launch of our global page and our TikTok channel, our journey began. Strategically strong, always on the pulse of what's going on and with an open view to the future: social media is lived - and moved - by Hutter Consult. "Ask Thomas Hutter", also when it comes to investing advertising dollars where messages are heard and values are created. We are delighted to have Hutter Consult, a top social luminary, on board as we continue our digital journey.»

Vivienne Merz, Social Media Manager
Helsana (Insurances) AG

«With its highly specialized employees, Hutter Consult is our long-term partner for digital and social media marketing. Whether strategic plans, technical questions or short-term campaign set-ups, I can always rely on competent support. I particularly appreciate the fact that Hutter doesn't practice whitewashing. They're also not afraid to advise against an idea if it doesn't support our business goals.»

Ali Demiryuerek, Head Of Digital
WWF Austria

«With Hutter Consult, we have found a valuable source of inspiration for our social media marketing. Due to the broad know-how, the creative approaches, a strong spirit of optimization and the high-quality implementation of the online activities for our campaigns, we were able to increase our performance significantly and continuously. The sympathetic and above all uncomplicated communication, the competent support and professional execution have convinced us. With an agency like Hutter Consult at your side, you are in good hands and, most importantly, prepared for the challenges that social media marketing brings with it.»

Ariane Nicoletti, Project Manager Marketing Communication
Genossenschaft Migros Zürich

«With Hutter Consult, we have specialists at our side who take on our challenges of the future with a great deal of commitment and actively help shape solutions. I very much appreciate the uncomplicated interaction at eye level, the know-how, the high flexibility and the customized recommendations for our gastro formats. We benefit from the professional exchange, work together on optimizations and get the support we need at any time.»

Christof Artho, Online Marketing / Member of the executive Board / Co-Founder
jobchannel ag

«jobchannel is the leading provider for the targeted recruitment of professionals by means of specialized jobs and professional platforms. In our multi-channel strategy, a perfectly functioning online marketing presence is essential. The Hutter Consult team has been assisting jobchannel ag for years in the field of consulting and support and, together with our internal online marketing team, is always tinkering with new ideas to constantly improve target group accuracy.»

Tamina Meier Product Manager & Marketing
Imbach Reisen AG

«Professional, committed and friendly - with Hutter Consult as a specialist at our side, we are always informed about the latest state of affairs in the fast-moving Facebook world. We appreciate the uncomplicated cooperation very much and thank them for their support.»

Corinne Marti, Digital Marketing Manager
Wander AG

«Wander AG and its brands have for years relied on the competent and flexible support of Hutter Consult. Whether for small or large campaigns, account setup or as support for the constant changes in the social media environment, you can always rely on the Hutter team. Their extensive specialist knowledge and their uncomplicated, flexible and friendly manner consistently generate great added value for Wander AG and its brands.»

Philipp Greve, executive manager
laut von leise GmbH

«In order to be able to advise honestly and purposefully as a brand agency, it is important to always be up to date and to know all possibilities. "Hutter Consult" are the specialists of our choice when it comes to know-how in the field of communication in and with social networks. The passionate and likeable human nature is fun and the contents of the seminar are conveyed in an honest, practical and easily understandable manner. An absolute added value for everyone who works with social networks - whether in strategy or content creation.»

Ognjen Visnjic, Head of Marketing
Bob Finance

«We appreciate the competent and professional cooperation with Hutter Consult. Thanks to the first-class consulting and campaign optimization, we were able to achieve our conversion goals. We are glad to have such a reliable partner at our side.»

Head of Marketing Communication
Migros Genossenschaft Zürich

«I've been working with Hutter Consult almost since the company started - Thomas still had a few hairs there... And I'm still very happy to do that today. Hutter Consult advises us with a positive composure and shows us the changes in the social media market. Without their help we would probably miss a lot of the opportunities. I'm glad there are the specialists who know what they're doing. A know-how item that is worth purchasing!»

Paul Alexander Thies, CEO
Billomat GmbH & Co. KG

«We have been working very successfully with Hutter Consult since 2016!  Through the consulting and the workshops with Thomas and Nina we as a B2B company succeeded in increasing our SignUps by 73% and our traffic through Facebook by 400%.»

Sonia Custodero-Rodiguez, Team Lead Marketing & Communication
Ifolor AG

«With Hutter Consult we have a highly specialized partner in social media marketing at our side who helps us to achieve our goals on the various SoMe platforms. We were able to optimize our conversion and implement new measures in both the content/commitment and social advertising areas using smart tactics and appropriate retargeting measures. The HuCo team is also competent and extremely reliable - and can be contacted practically at any time if you have any questions.»

Raphael Wermuth, Head of Digital Communications
Barry Callebaut Group

«Facebook changes all the time. It's no longer enough just to be privately active to explore and implement the business opportunities of the largest social network. In this case I can always count on the professional and competent support of my colleagues at Hutter Consult.»


Dominic Walser, Social Media Manager, Communication Defence Swiss Armed Forces
VBS, Swiss Armed Forces

«Communication on social media platforms is becoming increasingly important for companies. New platforms are constantly appearing, others are disappearing. We also have to evolve every day. Hutter Consult AG supports the VBS (Swiss Army) in the management of over 200 social media accounts. We greatly appreciate the professional, uncomplicated and competent support provided by Hutter Consult AG. Many thanks to the entire Team of Hutter Consult AG!»

Jonas Kiefer, Head of Marketing
WIR Bank Genossenschaft

«Hipster agencies that foam up a Decaf Soy latte as a greeting are not our style. That's why Hutter Consult suits us so perfectly, because we have a partner at our side who pursues only one goal: to make an active contribution to the success of our company. Thanks to this cooperation, we are constantly gaining new customers - and that with impressive efficiency - and the good “Swiss Coffee Cream”.»

Roman Portmann, Social Media Manager
CSS Versicherung

«Hutter Consult AG supports us competently and committed in the marketing of various Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Thanks to the good support and the helpful exchange, we were able to continuously improve the performance of our ad campaigns. What I particularly appreciate is the uncomplicated handling and the efficient way the entire team works.»

Sushil Aerthott, Head of Digital Strategy

«An outstanding partner for strategic campaigning.»

Ing. Daniela Müller, MSc. BSc., Head of Online Marketing

«Hutter Consult AG is our business partner because it understands us and is already working on the topics of the day after tomorrow. The common future-oriented work and way of thinking enables us to be first movers in the field of e-commerce. Thanks to Thomas and his team.»

Christoph Walter, Managing Director

«Hutter Consult AG has been advising us for several years on strategic and operational aspects of all online marketing measures, in particular Facebook/Instagram and Google Ads. We appreciate the professional and uncomplicated cooperation very much. Thanks to the cooperation, the turnover could be increased noticeably over several years!»

Melanie Kuhn, Marketing Manager
bio-familia AG

«bio-familia AG has trusted the competent advice of Hutter Consult AG since the beginning of active social media communication. We consider ourselves lucky to have a professional, creative and trustworthy partner in the field of social media on our side. In addition to individual consulting and continuous development, we also appreciate the opportunity to create video content efficiently and creatively with the Hutter team, which brings great added value to the familia brand. We are looking forward to the upcoming campaigns.»

Michael Herrmann, Owner & CEO
MotionPro AG

«Always up to date and a top execution of the projects is what characterizes Hutter Consult for us. In addition, we are always surprised by the clever ideas and new approaches.»

Silvan Hensler, Social Media Manager
Zürich Tourismus

«As long-term Facebook advertisers, we were looking for a competent partner who could support and relieve us in the conception and implementation of large Facebook advertising campaigns. In Hutter Consult we definitely found this partner. With innovative strategies and creative solutions, they helped us to activate a wide range of topics around Zurich as a destination in our target markets.»

Olaf Grewe, Manager Group PR Cprporate Communications
Geberit International AG

«Hutter Consult supports us in further expanding our social media presence globally. The team's expert knowledge is of use to us both in operations and in the strategic further development of our activities. Thanks to its in-depth expertise, the Hutter Consult team is a first-level support and sparring partner in one.»


Theresa Schatt, Marketing Manager
ZEISS Vision Care

«I got to know Hutter Consult at a workshop: directly 100% convinced with knowledge and relentless honesty. The Hutter team has been our reliable consultant partner for all global social media topics for 2 years. The team does not only advise us on performance, it is also our permanent partner for all global adhoc topics, internal change management and is an important partner in cooperation with creative agencies. The close relationship that Hutter maintains with all platforms also helps us to try out and test new formats time and time again. So we can be sure not to miss any meaningful trend. And the best thing is: the good cooperation continues even after 2 years without a drop in performance. Hutter Consult has never left us out in the rain, never shied away from any topic and has always been honest with us when there has been an urgent need to change things internally or externally.»

Charlotte Kienzle, Head of Social Media
Zürcher Kantonalbank

«I particularly appreciate the proactive exchange with the HuCo team and the comprehensive expertise in Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn: Both the area of ​​social media marketing and on specific questions about the platforms. I consider it extremely valuable that one can say openly "we do not recommend that because ..." and that is why we are able to get the maximum out of campaigns.»

Anja Brühlmann, Social Media Manager
Alnatura Bio Super Märkte

«Since the start of Alnatura Switzerland's social media channels, the team from Hutter Consult has been supporting us. I appreciate the uncomplicated, eye-level approach, the know-how and the tailor-made recommendations for our formats. In addition, we benefit from the professional exchange, work together on optimizations and have already implemented numerous successful campaigns as a result. With Hutter Consult we have specialists at our side who are motivated to take on the challenges of the future and actively shape solutions.»

Katrin Krempin, Marketing Consultant
TP Group Service GmbH

«Hutter Consult has supported TIMEPARTNER for many years in all questions concerning Facebook. With our more than 100 Facebook pages, not everything always runs smoothly, but thanks to Hutter almost every problem becomes a solution. Our contact persons are always competent and reliable in word and deed and we feel very well looked after.»

Manuela Carl, Content & Social Media Managerin
Zurich Switzerland

«During two days of training we were able to gain many exciting and for me as Social Media Manager also new insights into Facebook & Instagram Advertising. Thomas Hutter made the training very interactive and interesting and answered our individual questions completely. As Zurich Switzerland, we generated the greatest possible added value for future practice from the seminar.»